About Us

Friends first, Lego enthusiasts second. With a variety of backgrounds including Information Technology, Data Analysis, Finance, Investing and Marketing we have come together to produce InvestaBrick to enhance your Lego experience, both from a building, but more so from a medium to long-term investing perspective.

Paul Fowler

Paul has a strong background in marketing but is also a successful entrepreneur having started and built several successful businesses including Data Science companies. A LEGO® enthusiast, often struggling to decide whether to Invest or Build the latest sets!

Lizzie Fowler

With a background in Education and Operations Management, Lizzie has strong organisational skills to keep the wheels of Investabrick turning in the right direction. Her love of LEGO® started at an early age, and when teaching, sharing this with passion with pupils was a joy! This love continues to the present day where she is a keen LEGO® investor and builder… the harder the set the better!

Jason Carden

Jason has a background in web design and photography. His LEGO® experience started in the early 1980s and his LEGO® collection reflects his nostalgia for the sets he remembers wanting as a child.

Steve Montague

Steve is a qualified accountant but also has more than 15 years experience as a trader and investor as well as more recently working in a data analytics. Much newer to the LEGO® environment but a fast learner!

Nick Ralph

Nick is an award-winning filmmaker with over 20 years experience of film and TV. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands – creating engaging and inspiring content for audiences everywhere. Nick didn’t have a great deal of LEGO as a child, but has made up for it as an adult with a backlog of unbuilt LEGO that he now calls an investment!