10312 Lego Jazz Club
Lego Jazz Club 10312 Lego Lego Modular 2023

10312 LEGO Jazz Club. If you’re a music lover and LEGO enthusiast, then you won’t want to miss out on this LEGO modular 2023 masterpiece. 

With its roots in New Orleans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Jazz music incorporated elements of African and European music, such as spirituals, blues, swing, and ragtime. Jazz clubs during the jazz age flourished with the growing popularity of the music genre. These clubs often attracted people from all walks of life, and typically hosted live performances featuring different jazz artists and combos. Popular clubs in New York City during this period include the Cotton Club, Savoy Ballroom, and the famous ‘in-between’ jazz joints of Harlem. Other well known clubs during this time include Chicago’s Royal Garden and London’s legendary Apollo Theatre.

Set Details

This is a must-have set for adults looking to recreate the feeling of a night out at the Jazz Club. With 2899 pieces, the set features eight detailed minifigures, a mini microphone, a mini saxophone, and a mini LP record, creating the perfect scene for an amazing show. It also features the classic LEGO modular building connectors, making it easy to incorporate into other modular builds (available separately) for an even larger Lego world. You can’t beat the attention to detail that has been included in this set, including a jazz stage, a pizzeria, and the band’s dressing room. With measurements of over 30 cm high, 25 cm wide, and 26 cm deep, you will have hours of enjoyment from this amazing Lego set. Whether you’re a fan of jazz, a music lover, or a Lego aficionado, the LEGO Icons Jazz Club will have you tapping your toes and wanting to return night after night.

Model Name Jazz Club
Model Number 10312
Theme Icons
Sub Themes Modular Buildings
Pieces 2899
Minifigures 8
Launch Date January 2023
Current Status Current
Date Retired N/A
RRP £200

Investment Potential

The latest modular building within the Icons theme and what an absolute stunner this is. With nearly 3000 pieces and 8 unique minifigures you get a lot of LEGO for your money, even at an RRP of £199.99. Exclusively available at LEGO here.

Launch RRP £200
Price Per Piece £0.07
Launch Price per piece £0.07
5th Year Value £261
Percentage Increase 31%
Expected Annual Growth 9%
Theme Growth 6%
Sub Theme Growth 19%

Theme Analysis

The Icons theme is wide and varied, but has some excellent investments within. As an overall theme growth is annualised at 6% but there are plenty of sets that do much better than this, including the majority of sets within the modular buildings sub theme which has average annualised growth of very close to 20% and makes it one of our favourite sub-themes to invest in currently.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
10261 Roller Coaster March 2023 £300 £311 4% 4%
10268 Vesta’s Wind Turbine November 2020 £160 £186 16% 7%
10257 Carousel December 2019 £160 £277 73% 18%
10247 Ferris Wheel December 2018 £150 £298 99% 17%

Comparable Set Analysis

We have looked at some of the blockbuster investments within modular buildings below, some of these performances are truly sensational. In recent years the Brick Bank has seen 250% growth in just over 4 years (annualised at 34% a year) and for total growth over a longer period look no further than the Green Grocer, which grown nearly 1200% in just over 12 years (annualised at 23% a year). If this set does half as well as these any investor should be more than impressed!

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
10232 Palace Cinema November 2017 £120 £242 102% 14%
10251 Brick Bank November 2018 £120 £422 252% 34%
10218 Pet Shop November 2016 £120 £218 82% 10%
10185 Green Grocer November 2010 £100 £1285 1185% 23%


A stunning set, from a theme and sub-theme with stellar returns on previously retired sets, we can’t see why this one wouldn’t follow suit and prove to be a great investment for the medium to long term.

It is exclusively sold by LEGO (and limited to 3 sets per person), discounts are going to be hard to find, now and in the future. This definitely feels like a set you should be looking to purchase when LEGO have a VIP promotion on (we expect the next one may be in July to coincide with Amazon prime day, see our offers calendar here) but definitely don’t leave it too close to retirement and risk missing out!