LEGO Modular sets have become a sensation among builders of all ages, captivating the hearts of both avid enthusiasts and casual fans. These meticulously designed sets offer a delightful blend of architectural detail, creativity, and storytelling. With each new modular LEGO Icons release, builders can create stunning, multistorey buildings that seamlessly fit into an ever-expanding cityscape. The versatility of these LEGO modular buildings allows for endless customization and expansion, making them a favourite choice for those who love to craft their own unique LEGO cities. The popularity of LEGO modular sets is a testament to the enduring appeal of intricate design and the joy of bringing bustling mini-worlds to life, one brick at a time. And now fans can get ready to get their hands on the next modular building release; the LEGO Natural History Museum.

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This week, the LEGO Group has announced the release of their largest modular set ever and one that has been highly requested by fans – the LEGO® Icons Natural History Museum Set. This incredible addition to the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection showcases innovative architecture, new building techniques, and countless opportunities for fun storytelling. The two-story model boasts dual atriums, a removable roof and middle floor, and a wealth of brick-built exhibits and intricate details. As visitors enter, they are greeted by a magnificent brick-built Brachiosaurus skeleton towering above the first floor and reaching into the second. Surrounding this impressive centrepiece are smaller exhibits featuring a sabretooth skull, fossils, and even dinosaur eggs. Moving to the second floor, the museum’s geology section presents a vibrant assortment of quartz, geodes, stalagmites, and provides a captivating glimpse into the Earth’s molten core through a cutaway display. Continuing upward, visitors are treated to a large planet map highlighting the projected orbit of a new rocket, a meticulously crafted orrery of the solar system, and a captivating diorama of a future space base. On the roof, the museum’s curator reflects on their adventures and captures their experiences in detailed memoirs within their office. Embark on an extraordinary journey through time – from the past to the future – and commemorate significant moments in world history with the LEGO Icons Natural History Museum Set.

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The LEGO Icons Natural History Museum Set is available for pre-order on 30th October 2023 and available for purchase on 1st of December 2023 via LEGO stores and www.lego.com/museum priced at $299.99/€299.99/£259.99.