21061 LEGO Architecture Notre Dame de Paris

LEGO Architecture sets have gained good popularity due to their realistic designs and the opportunity they provide to build detailed replicas of iconic landmarks and cityscapes. At Investabrick, we love buying sets as a reminder of places we have visited in the world. With models like the Empire State Building, the White House, and the Eiffel Tower, LEGO Architecture captures the essence of these structures, allowing builders to appreciate their design and history in a hands-on way. This month, LEGO has released a new LEGO Notre Dame set and we can’t wait to get our hands on one.

Notre Dame de Paris is an absolute gem of Gothic architecture and a beloved landmark in the heart of Paris, making it a must – see for any tourist. Its stunning facade, complete with intricate sculptures and towering spires, draws you in, but the magic really happens when you step inside. From the cathedral’s soaring ceilings, magnificent stained-glass windows, and the famous rose windows to the gargoyles and view from the towers, it is no wonder that LEGO have chosen to recreate it in brick form. We take a look at the set in more detail below:

Set Details

The LEGO Architecture Notre-Dame de Paris (21061) set is an impressive tribute to the iconic cathedral, capturing its authentic details such as the curved rear, bell towers, rose windows, and central spire surrounded by statues. This 4,383-piece model features a removable roof to reveal interior columns and arches, and towers that lift off for an inside view. Designed by Rok Žgalin Kobe, the build mirrors the historical construction process, starting from the foundation laid in 1163. Despite some repetitive steps, each piece is used effectively, making both the exterior and interior stunningly detailed.

Model Name Notre Dame de Paris
Model Number 21061
Theme Architecture
Sub Themes Landmark Series
Pieces 4383
RRP $230 / £200 / €230
Price per Piece 5c / 5p / 5c
Minifigures N/A
Minifigures Value N/A
Launch Date June 2024
Current Status Available
Retirement Date December 2027

Investment Potential

LEGO Notre Dame de Paris is the latest stunning model being launched in the LEGO Architecture Landmark Series subtheme and for $230/£200 you get over 4000 pieces which equates to a very low price per brick of just 5c/5p. This makes it by far the largest LEGO Architecture model to date with almost double the number of pieces of any other LEGO Architecture set.

The set is launching on 1st June 2024 and expected to be available at retail sale until the end of 2027.

Projected 5 Yr Value $323 / £257 / €308
% Increase ($) 41%
Projected Future Annual Growth 14%
Theme Growth 15%
Sub-Theme Growth 15%

Theme Analysis

LEGO Architecture is a very strong theme to look to for LEGO investments, with the overall theme having had over 50 sets now since first being launched in 2008. Across the retired sets, average LEGO investment returns have been 15% a year and there have been many very strong investments within.

We have looked at some of the sets within the wider LEGO Architecture theme. These include LEGO Farnsworth House (21009) which is currently valued at over 5 times its $60 RRP when it retired 10 years ago (average annualised growth 18%), LEGO Robie House (21010) which has nearly trebled its $200 RRP since retiring at the end of 2013 (11% annualised growth) and Shanghai (21039) which has nearly doubled its $60 RRP since retiring at the end of 2020 (22% annualised growth).

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
21010 Robie House Dec-13 $200 $582 191% 11%
21052 Dubai Dec-21 $60 $86 43% 16%
21039 Shanghai Dec-20 $60 $117 95% 22%
21009 Farnsworth House Jul-14 $60 $305 408% 18%

Comparable Set Analysis

For comparable sets, we have looked into the LEGO Landmark Series sub-theme within the LEGO Architecture theme and more specifically at the French model that are now retired LEGO. Across the 3 models, the average annualised growth of 18% outperforms the 15% of both the LEGO Architecture theme and the LEGO Landmark Series sub-theme!

LEGO Eiffel Tower (21013) retired at the end of 2018 with an RRP of $35 and just over 5 years later is valued at more than treble this value (23% annualised growth). LEGO Arc de Triomphe (21036) has more than doubled its $40 RRP since retiring at the end of 2018 (17% annualised growth) and LEGO Louvre (21024) has also more than doubled its $60 RRP since retiring at the end of 2017 (14% annualised growth).

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
21019 The Eiffel Tower Dec-18 $35 $109 211% 23%
21036 Arc de Triomphe Dec-18 $40 $94 135% 17%
21024 Louvre Dec-17 $60 $136 127% 14%


This is a truly stunning LEGO Architecture model and looks to be an amazing and intricate build. Further down the line we think it will also be a hugely successful LEGO investment, coming from a strong theme and sub-theme and having a subset of comparable models that outperforms both of them! For those looking to build it you can buy it at LEGO now.

For those looking for LEGO Architecture investments for this year then take a look at LEGO Taj Mahal (21056) and LEGO Singapore (21057) which are both currently expected to retire at the end of this year.