LEGO Ideas LEGO Fender LEGO Fender Stratocaster

LEGO Ideas has become a true hub for creativity and innovation within the LEGO community. This platform has given fans the power to influence what sets get produced, resulting in a diverse array of unique creations. From iconic landmarks like the LEGO Ideas International Space Station to beloved franchises like the LEGO Ideas Home Alone set, it’s clear that the possibilities are endless. Music lovers were thrilled by the recent release of the LEGO Fender® Stratocaster™, a meticulously detailed replica of the iconic guitar. This LEGO Fender set not only appeals to musicians and fans of the Fender brand but also captures the hearts of all music enthusiasts, offering a new way to express their passion through the world of LEGO.

Set Details

You can get ready to rock with your very own LEGO® Ideas set (21329) that lets you build a brick-built 1970s Fender® Stratocaster™ guitar and 65 Princeton® Reverb amplifier. Channel the spirit of legendary musicians who have played a Stratocaster® as you bring its iconic curves to life, complete with posable whammy bar, pickup switch, and tuning pegs. The buildable amp features removable panels, giving you a clear view of the motherboard, reverb tank, speaker, and other interior details. Connect it to the guitar and footswitch using the included rubber cables. Choose between building the guitar in red or black and jazz it up with guitar picks in four different colours. Display your masterpiece on the elegant foldable stand that comes with the set. And to add a touch of authenticity, there’s a LEGO brick sticker with the Fender logo for you to attach to your real guitar or amp. This is an amazing looking set, but is it also a good investment? Let’s find out!

Model Name Fender Stratocaster
Model Number 21329
Theme Ideas
Sub Themes Licensed
Pieces 1074
Minifigures N/A
Launch Date October 2021
Current Status LEGO Exclusive
Date Retired N/A
RRP £105

Investment Potential

A great looking LEGO Ideas set, and exclusive to LEGO.com, you will currently have to pay the full RRP if you want to buy one, and we’re not sure we see that changing before this sets retires. It was expected that this set would be retiring this year but that has now been pushed back into 2024.

Launch RRP £105
Price Per Piece £0.10
Launch Price per piece £0.10
5th Year Value £204
Percentage Increase 94%
Expected Annual Growth 15%
Theme Growth 16%
Sub Theme Growth 15%

Theme Analysis

LEGO Ideas theme is probably the broadest collection of the current themes (along with the LEGO Icons theme) but overall delivers great returns, with over 30 retired sets delivering an average annualised growth of 16%.

These include LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store (21310) which has nearly trebled in value since retiring in 2018, delivering 24% annualised returns and LEGO Ideas Maze (21305) which has doubled in value since retiring at the end of 2016 (12% annualised growth).

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
21310 Old Fishing Store December 2018 £140 £395 182% 24%
21312 Women of NASA December 2018 £20 £39 95% 15%
21305 Maze December 2016 £60 £131 118% 12%
21320 Dinosaur Fossils December 2021 £55 £64 16% 9%

Comparable Set Analysis

The Licensed sub theme is the biggest sub-theme within the LEGO Ideas theme and delivers very similar returns to the overall, returning 15% annualised growth across the 18 retired sets.

This is still a very, very wide remit of sets for a sub theme to use as comparable though. The closest we can come is within the music theme, LEGO Ideas The Beatles Yellow Submarine (21306) which retired in 2017 with an RRP of £55 and is now valued at close to triple that amount at £149, delivering annualised growth of 19%.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine December 2017 £55 £149 171% 19%
21311 Voltron December 2019 £160 £309 93% 19%
21302 The Big Bang Theory December 2016 £50 £147 194% 17%
21317 Steamboat Willie December 2020 £80 £120 50% 15%


We think LEGO 21329 is a must add to your portfolio. Coming from the ever popular (and high performing) LEGO Ideas theme, this is a set that has always been a LEGO exclusive.

This does mean if you want to buy it then you will be paying full RRP, and if that’s the case then we would definitely be looking out for the next LEGO Insiders points event (which we expect will be in a few weeks time to coincide with Black Friday) and also a good GWP opportunity (to add additional value to the deal).