43197 Lego Disney The Ice Castle
Lego Disney Disney Lego Frozen Lego Lego Frozen Lego The Ice Castle Lego 43197

If there is one thing that Disney’s Frozen has taught us, it is that the cold never bothered Queen Elsa (or LEGO Disney fans!) anyway. And her magnificent ice castle is definitely a testament to that. LEGO The Ice Castle is not only breathtaking to look at, but it is also a product of Elsa’s incredible ice powers. You might even say that she is the queen of ice sculpture! Of course, it is not just the outside that is amazing. Once you step inside, you are greeted by a LEGO Frozen icy paradise, complete with sparkling ice chandeliers and ornate ice furniture. If you don’t fancy making your own ice castle, maybe the Disney LEGO version could be right up your street!

Set Details

LEGO 43197, The Ice Castle is packed with intricate details inspired by the movies, including a smaller Arendelle castle build. With printed building instructions and digital Instructions PLUS, builders will have all the guidance they need for this unique Frozen building experience.

Fans of the movies will immediately recognize the castle’s distinct features, such as the curved, double-sided staircase leading to the throne room, the enchanting ice fountain, and the inviting balcony. Builders will delight in spending hours exploring every corner of the castle as they assemble it or set it up for display. Standing tall and majestic, this challenging model will captivate fans with its inclusion of Disney’s Anna, two versions of Elsa in her coronation look and iconic outfit, Kristoff, Olaf, and four LEGO Snowgie figures. With over 1,700 pieces, this set is a true showstopper, measuring an impressive 65 cm high, 35 cm wide, and 19 cm deep. It not only looks stunning on display but also encourages endless imaginative role-play fun.

Model Name The Ice Castle
Model Number 43197
Theme Disney
Sub Themes Frozen
Pieces 1709
Minifigures 9
Launch Date July 2021
Current Status Lego Exclusive
Date Retired N/A
RRP £190

Investment Potential

On the face of it, LEGO Disney Ice Castle looks an expensive set at more than 10p a brick and with little in the way of discounts available against the £189.99 RRP.

But do we think it will make a good long-term investment?

Launch RRP £190
Price Per Piece £0.11
Launch Price per piece £0.11
5th Year Value £202
Percentage Increase 6%
Expected Annual Growth 2%
Theme Growth 3%
Sub Theme Growth 1%

Theme Analysis

The LEGO Disney theme is a perennial underperformer from an investment angle delivering growth of just 3%. There are no stellar sets offering huge returns meaning the ceiling for sets within this theme is generally quite low with them far more targeted to builders.

The pick of the sets was LEGO Disney Cinderella’s Dream Castle (41154) which has grown by 34% since retiring in 2019 (annualised at 9%) and LEGO Disney Moana’s Island Adventure which has grown by 61% since retiring at the end of 2017 (annualised growth of 9%).

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
41154 Cinderella’s Dream Castle December 2019 £70 £94 34% 9%
41157 Rapunzel’s Travelling Caravan July 2019 £35 £33 -5% -1%
41149 Moana’s Island Adventure December 2017 £25 £40 61% 9%
41164 Enchanted Tree House December 2020 £45 £39 -14% -6%

Comparable Set Analysis

Disappointingly, the sub-theme provides even less incentive to view this as a solid investment, delivering annualised returns of just 1% and the only set that has shown any growth is one of the smaller sets, LEGO Disney Anna & Kristoff ‘s Sleigh Adventure (41066) which has delivered 35% growth (annualised at 6%).

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
41062 Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle December 2016 £35 £36 2% 0%
41066 Anna & Kristoff’s Sleigh Adventure December 2017 £25 £34 35% 6%
41068 Arendelle Castle Celebration November 2017 £55 £55 1% 0%
43172 Elsa’s Ice Palace December 2021 £65 £59 -9% -6%


An expensive looking set from a poor theme and sub-theme for investment make this ice cold as an investment proposal and one we couldn’t find much reason to recommend apart from as a set to build for Disney and Frozen fans.