Lego City Hospital
Lego City Hospital 60330 Lego Lego City Sets

60330 LEGO City Hospital. A state of the art addition to the LEGO City world with this LEGO City Hospital. Launched in 1978 as Legoland Town, and eventually rebranded in 2005, LEGO City is aimed at younger LEGO fans and is a world of endless possibilities and opportunities for imaginative play. It’s an immersive world of LEGO buildings, vehicles, and characters that come alive with fun adventures, just like in a real life town! Whether your child dreams of becoming a firefighter, doctor, construction worker or clown, with LEGO city all these dreams can come true. Fire stations, police cars, and ambulances all come with realistic details that make the play experience even more engaging. Plus, there are plenty of other civilian services like airports, harbours, and railway to build on top of the existing sets and create a multi-dimensional cityscape.

Now, one of the latest additions to the LEGO City sets is a hospital, allowing kids to use their imaginations to create realistic play scenarios from doctors treating patients in the emergency room to surgeons performing operations in the operating theatre. 

Set Details

Aimed at ages 7+, LEGO® City Hospital (LEGO set 60330) is a great build within the LEGO City sets. With 816 pieces, this set includes a plethora of accessories such as a front desk, a maternity ward, a WC, and an MRI scan room. To top it off, this set also includes an ambulance and rescue helicopter with Road Plates for connection to other LEGO sets, plus 12 minifigures, including 4 characters from the LEGO City Adventures TV series. There are endless possibilities of imaginative plays that kids can engage in with the help of this hospital set.

So what are you waiting for? Let your child become a doctor, a paramedic, or just explore the world of LEGO City with the all-new hospital set and more while you find out our investment advice…

Model Name Hospital
Model Number 60330
Theme City
Sub Themes
Pieces 816
Minifigures 12
Launch Date January 2022
Current Status Current
Date Retired N/A
RRP £90

Investment Potential

Its not a secret around the office that I am a big fan of LEGO City Sets, they always take me back to the part of my childhood when I fell in love with LEGO. I love the way this theme continues to focus on all the original elements that got me hooked as a child but still manages to stay fresh with every new set. It won’t be a surprise to many of you that this superb LEGO Set is a very good buy from an investment perspective. 

Launch RRP £90
Price Per Piece £0.11
Launch Price per piece £0.11
5th Year Value £128
Percentage Increase 42%
Expected Annual Growth 11%
Theme Growth 5%
Sub Theme Growth 7%

Theme Analysis

This theme is so large and spans such a large period of time it’s no surprise that as a general theme its annualised growth is smaller than some other themes at 5%. It should be noted though that the LEGO City theme is vast and does include some incredible sub themes that we can always be much more bullish about from investment potential. To put some context around the LEGO City theme we looked at some similar sized sets and these included LEGO City Square, LEGO Town Plan, LEGO Capital City and LEGO City Garage. This group of sets has annualised growth at 6.5%.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
60097 City Square November 2017 £140 £158 13% 2%
10184 Town Plan November 2009 £88 £319 262% 10%
60200 Capital City January 2020 £120 £156 30% 8%
4207 City Garage January 2014 £80 £142 78% 6%

Comparable Set Analysis

We always advise to delve deep into the sub themes when looking at investment potential and this makes a big difference when understanding any potential upside with LEGO City Hospital 60330. We looked at 4 comparable sets within the theme that have all retired and the numbers were excellent. We looked much closer at LEGO Hospital 7892, LEGO Hospital 60204, LEGO Helicopter Rescue 4429 and LEGO Ambulance. These combined had an average annualised growth of 15%.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
7892 Hospital November 2007 £30 £138 360% 10%
60204 Hospital December 2019 £70 £139 99% 23%
4429 Helicopter Rescue January 2014 £35 £82 134% 10%
4431 Ambulance November 2012 £15 £75 400% 17%


LEGO City Hospital is not only a fantastically entertaining set with plenty of playability and some great minifigures it is also a LEGO Investors dream with 11% annualised growth very likely after retirement. We would suggest buying a couple of these before retirement which should be imminent.