LEGO NINJAGO has captivated audiences worldwide with its thrilling tales of ninja warriors, epic battles, and mystical adventures. Since its debut in 2011, the theme has grown exponentially in popularity, attracting fans of all ages with its engaging storyline, diverse characters, and intricate sets. With a perfect blend of action, humour, and creativity, LEGO NINJAGO sets continue to inspire imagination and foster a sense of camaraderie among builders as they embark on quests to defeat evil forces and protect the land of NINJAGO. From iconic ninja temples to powerful mech robots, each set offers a unique building experience that transports fans into the exciting world of spinjitzu. With its enduring appeal and ever-expanding universe, NINJAGO LEGO remains a beloved favourite among LEGO enthusiasts and ninja aficionados alike. One of the standout sets from the franchise, Jay’s Titan Mech, exemplifies the theme’s popularity, combining impressive design with exciting play features to deliver an immersive building experience that resonates with fans worldwide.

Set Details

Designed for thrilling ninja battles, LEGO® NINJAGO® Jay’s Titan Mech (71785) offers an action-packed building experience for kids aged 9 and up. With 794 pieces, this posable mech features a cockpit on its chest for Jay, along with a formidable arsenal including a large dragon blade, 2 katana swords, and 2 shooters mounted on its shoulders. This set includes 5 minifigures: ninja warriors Jay and Nya armed with swords, and green bone warriors Bone King, Bone Knight, and Bone Hunter, each equipped with weapons from the green bone warrior assorted weapons pack. Additionally, a Pixal Bot adds to the excitement. With its impressive weaponry and detailed design, Jay’s Titan Mech promises endless hours of gripping ninja action for young builders and fans of the LEGO NINJAGO universe.

Model Name Jay’s Titan Mech
Model Number 71785
Theme Ninjago
Sub Themes Core
Pieces 794
RRP $80 / £70 / €80
Price per Piece 10c / 9p / 10c
Minifigures 6
Minifigures Value $25 / £20 / €25
Launch Date January 2023
Current Status Available
Retirement Date (Projected) December 2024

Investment Potential

Projected 5 Yr Value $140 / £110 / €133
% Increase ($) 75%
Projected Future Annual Growth 15%
Theme Growth 13%
Sub-Theme Growth N/A

Theme Analysis

LEGO NINJAGO is hugely successful and now has over 500 sets within, having launched in 2011 and returning average annualised growth of 13% across this large sample size, making it a very solid LEGO theme to invest in.

We have looked at some of the sets at the same price point including LEGO NINJAGO Lightening Dragon Battle (2521) which has seen more than 500% total growth since retiring in 2011 (17% annualised growth) and LEGO NINJAGO Ninja DB X (70750) which has seen annualised growth of 13% since retiring in 2015.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
70750 Ninja DB X December 2015 $80 $215 169% 13%
9449 Ultra Sonic Raider December 2013 $80 $213 166% 10%
9446 Destiny’s Bounty December 2012 $80 $202 153% 9%
2521 Lightning Dragon Battle December 2011 $80 $510 538% 17%

Comparable Set Analysis

There are more than 20 sets in the new Core sub-theme which was launched in 2022 and the first ones have just started to retire but not enough to give us any useable information to base our opinions on.

For comparable sets we have looked at some of the other LEGO NINJAGO Mech sets across the other sub-themes and the performance is very encouraging, slightly outperforming the overall LEGO NINJAGO theme. These include LEGO NINJAGO Lloyd’s Titan Mech which has doubled in value since retiring 3 years ago (26% annualised growth) and LEGO NINJAGO Samurai Mech which has more than tripled in value since retiring in 2013 (12% annualised growth).

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
70676 Lloyd’s Titan Mech December 2020 $80 $162 103% 26%
71720 Fire Stone Mech December 2021 $70 $82 17% 8%
70737 Titan Mech Battle December 2016 $60 $192 220% 18%
9448 Samurai Mech December 2013 $40 $129 223% 12%


LEGO 71785 is a great set from a solid LEGO theme with a reliable track history over a large sample size. THE LEGO NINJAGO theme returns average annualised growth of 13% and the LEGO NINJAGO Mech sets do even better, we are projecting annualised growth of 15% once this set retires at the end of this year. Altogether a pretty compelling investment case for us and one to add to your collection.