75309 Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship
Lego Star Wars Star Wars Lego Lego Republic Gunship

75309 LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship. Build an out of this world experience today with LEGO Star Wars – LEGO Republic Gunship. Now you can Join the Star Wars LEGO battle between good and evil in your own home with the LEGO Republic Gunship. The Star Wars Republic Gunship is one impressive piece of machinery. It’s massive in size and armed with an array of weapons that could give even the most skilled bounty hunter a run for their money. As a transport vehicle, it can carry troops, supplies, and even vehicles like AT-TE walkers to the heart of the warzone. While its appearance may look intimidating, don’t let that fool you. The Republic Gunship was designed to get the job done, and it did just that in countless battles during the Clone Wars. You can almost imagine the sound of its engines as it swoops in to save the day for the Jedi and Republic forces. It’s no wonder that this iconic ship has won the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere and continues to be a favourite among the galaxy far, far away.

Set Details

This Epic build of a Republic Gunship (75309) is sure to spark memories of the Battle of Geonosis in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Originally voted for by LEGO fans to become an Ultimate Collector Series set, the display stand provides an information plaque alongside Clone Trooper Commander and Mace Windu minifigures. The building challenge is coupled with step-by-step instructions for an immersive and enjoyable building process. The iconic Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT) vehicle is authentically reproduced with LEGO® bricks, featuring a variety of intricate details like pilot cockpits, swing-out spherical gun turrets, 2 top cannons, super-long wings, opening sides and rear hatch, and interior accents.

Model Name Republic Gunship
Model Number 75309
Theme Star wars
Sub Themes Ultimate Collector Series
Pieces 3292
Minifigures 2
Launch Date August 2021
Current Status Retiring Soon
Date Retired N/A
RRP £345

Investment Potential

Let this LEGO Star Wars UCS Set fly your investment portfolio profits off into hyperspace. We love this LEGO theme and we love this LEGO Set. Let’s remind ourselves why that is and get into the data.

Launch RRP £345
Price Per Piece £0.10
Launch Price per piece £0.10
5th Year Value £603
Percentage Increase 75%
Expected Annual Growth 15%
Theme Growth 17%
Sub Theme Growth 15%

Theme Analysis

When we all settled down to munch on burgers at the recent Investabrick summer BBQ we inevitably discussed our favourite LEGO Theme from an investment perspective and while plenty of discussion is always had on this subject the LEGO Star Wars UCS sub theme tends to be in pole position to win this accolade. Looking at the following theme sets first LEGO Vaders Tie Advanced, LEGO Ewok Village, LEGO Snowspeede and LEGO Slave l we are talking about absurd levels of growth with an average annualised growth of 19%.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
10175 Vader’s TIE Advanced December 2008 £80 £789 887% 17%
10236 Ewok Village December 2016 £200 £508 154% 15%
75144 Snowspeeder December 2018 £170 £369 117% 19%
75060 Slave I December 2018 £180 £515 186% 26%

Comparable Set Analysis

Doing a deeper dive into the sub theme and finding comparable sets we looked at LEGO Super Star Destroyer, LEGO Ultimate Collectors Millenium Falcon, LEGO Death Star ll and LEGO Death Star. These had an average annualised growth of an incredible 19% also.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
10221 Super Star Destroyer December 2014 £350 £1043 198% 14%
10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon December 2009 £342 £1730 405% 13%
10143 Death Star II December 2007 £250 £2006 702% 14%
75159 Death Star December 2020 £410 £828 102% 33%


LEGO Republic Gunship is a set you just have to buy if you are serious about LEGO Investing. A great theme and sub theme and supported by incredible data. Soon to retire, so pick it up asap.