75357 LEGO Star Wars Ghost & Phantom II
LEGO Star Wars Lego 75357 Lego Star Wars Ghost & Phantom II Star Wars Ghost & Phantom II Lego

LEGO Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the most popular LEGO themes of all time. Since their introduction in 1999, LEGO Star Wars sets have been captivating the imagination of both LEGO and Star Wars enthusiasts across the world. It’s not just about the building aspect, but the impressive array of iconic Star Wars vehicles, locations, and characters that are recreated in intricate detail through the colourful bricks. LEGO Star Wars fans meticulously assemble their favourite scenes and battles from the movies, putting their own spin on the beloved franchise. LEGO Star Wars enthusiasts who are fans of Star Wars Rebels have reason to celebrate! LEGO has recently unveiled their newest set, LEGO 75357 Ghost & Phantom II, which is based on the new Ahsoka TV series. While the Ghost and the Phantom were initially launched as individual sets in 2014, they could be interconnected, evocative of the animated series. A modified version of the Phantom was subsequently introduced in 2017, and the most recent set (LEGO Star Wars Ghost & Phantom II) now includes both the Ghost and the updated Phantom. As Hera, Chopper, and Sabine make their return in Ahsoka, it comes as no surprise that the Rebel ship has also made its winning return!

Set Details

Fans can recreate iconic scenes from Star Wars: Ahsoka using these LEGO® models of the Ghost & Phantom II (75357) starships. The Ghost model features 2 lever-activated, spring-loaded shooters, a dual LEGO minifigure cockpit with a removable front section, and a cabin with 2 opening hatches. It also includes a detachable turret with a cannon (non-shooting) and space for a LEGO minifigure. The Phantom II shuttle comes with an opening minifigure cockpit and a storage compartment. Additionally, the set includes 5 Star Wars™ characters, such as General Hera Syndulla LEGO minifigure and Chopper (C1-10P) LEGO droid figure. With a total of 1,394 pieces, the Ghost starship measures over 12 cm high, 34 cm long, and 26 cm wide and is definitely among the best Star Wars sets of the year.

Model Name Ghost & Phantom II
Model Number 75357
Theme Star Wars
Sub Themes Ahsoka
Pieces 1394
Minifigures 5
Launch Date August 2023
Current Status Available
Date Retired N/A
RRP £150

Investment Potential

A great looking dual LEGO Star Wars set at a reasonable price point would usually be an auto investment for us, but this set from the new Ahsoka sub-theme has a few more unknowns for us to evaluate.

Launched in August with an RRP of £149.99 and with limited retail availability it can be bought at either LEGO.com or Amazon for the RRP currently.

Launch RRP £150
Price Per Piece £0.11
Launch Price per piece £0.11
5th Year Value £188
Percentage Increase 25%
Expected Annual Growth 12%
Theme Growth 12%
Sub Theme Growth N/A

Theme Analysis

Its LEGO Star Wars, what more is there to say about this blockbuster theme! Currently the theme returns annualised growth of 12% across a large number of sets and a couple of decades.

We have looked at some of the retired Star Wars sets with a similar price point and found performance in line with the overall theme.

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Blockade Runner (10019) has been retired nearly 20 years now, and you would be sitting on a set worth over £1,200 now, a 1000% increase from its £112 RRP, annualised growth of 13%! Far more recently LEGO Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer (75190) retired in December 2018 and has already increased in value by more than 40% producing annualised growth of 8%.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
10227 B-wing Starfighter December 2013 £170 £419 146% 10%
10019 Rebel Blockade Runner December 2003 £112 £1240 1007% 13%
10134 Y-wing Attack Starfighter July 2006 £110 £642 484% 11%
75190 First Order Star Destroyer December 2018 £130 £186 43% 8%

Comparable Set Analysis

This is a completely new sub-theme and this is one of 3 sets released in it this year. As such we are a little reticent to recommend this as an investment without seeing how popular the sets and the sub theme Ahsoka are. If it performs in line with the overall LEGO Star Wars theme, then we will be keen to invest for sure.


For now, we are going to sit on the fence with this one, we would not put you off buying the set but for us we would like a bit more evidence before buying this as an investment, especially as it has only just been released and is likely 2 or 3 years away from being retired.