Lego Minifigures

The LEGO Minifigures series started in 2010 and has become a massive success. It’s a collectable Minifigure series referred to as blind bags. Each bag contains an opaque bag with a surprise Minifigure. You never know what you’ll get until you open the bag, which makes it an exciting experience for both kids and adults. The first collection began with 16 characters, including a Caveman, Cheerleader, Circus Clown, Zombie, Skater, Robot, among others. It was a huge success, prompting LEGO to continue releasing three collections annually in January, May, and September. The collections are based on various themes, such as Disney, The Simpsons, Ninjago, Harry Potter, DC Comics, The Muppets, and traditional characters.

In 2023, Disney will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and the LEGO Group plans to join in on the festivities. For more than 24 years, LEGO® Disney has encouraged families to unleash their creativity and build magical playgrounds using the iconic LEGO bricks. Combining storytelling, imagination, and creative play, both Disney and LEGO have provided numerous moments of joy to fans globally.

One of the exciting LEGO Disney launches we are pleased to see is the LEGO Minifigures Disney 100 (71038) blind bags. Disney enthusiasts can enjoy a collection of popular movie characters, including Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, The Queen, Stitch 626, Pocahontas, Cruella de Vil & Dalmatian puppy, Miguel & Dante, Ernesto de la Cruz, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Robin Hood, Prince John, Tiana, Dr Facilier, Queen of Hearts, Mulan, Aurora, and Baymax all with amazing Minifigure details.

Set Details

Coming Soon (1st May) is the LEGO Disney 100 Complete set comprising of 18 Minifigures for an RRP of £63 (£3.49 a figure) and the LEGO Disney 100 Sealed box comprising of 36 Minifigures for an RRP of £126 (£3.49 a figure).

Buy the Disney 100 Complete Set at for £63 or the Disney 100 Sealed Box at for £126 here.

Investment Potential

Our recent article on LEGO Minifigures Complete Set and Sealed Boxes highlighted how good an investment these can be and with there being a new launching Disney series for the Disney 100 year celebrations we thought we’d take a look at the historic Disney sets have performed since retirement.

Comparable Set Analysis

The first set of Disney Minifigures were launched in 2014. The Complete set included 18 Minifigures and retailed at £40. Its is now worth over triple this at £139. The Sealed Box included 60 Minifigures and retailed at £149 and has now more than doubled in value to £320.

The following Disney Series 2 performed even better with stunning annualised growth of more than 20% since retiring in 2020. The Complete set included 18 Minifigures and retailed at £45. Its is now worth double this at £91. The Sealed Box included 60 Minifigures and retailed at £149 and has now nearly doubled in value to £300.

Set Name Number of Minifigures Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
Disney Series Complete Set 18 August 2014 £40 £139 249% 15%
Disney Series Sealed Box 60 August 2014 £149 £320 114% 9%
Disney Series 2 Complete Set 18 January 2020 £45 £91 103% 24%
Disney Series 2 Sealed Box 60 January 2020 £149 £300 101% 23%


There is a very strong history of Minifigures Complete Set and Sealed Boxes doing very well post-retirement and the previous Disney sets have been some of the strongest performers. We expect this season celebrating 100 years of Disney to be even more popular, and with its likely very short shelf life for retail sale we would snap them up s soon as you can!