Halloween LEGO

Will it be trick or treat this Halloween? We think that with LEGO Halloween it can only be treat, as there are some amazingly spooktacular Halloween LEGO sets around this season to get your hands on! Who could say no to the LEGO Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage or the LEGO Haunted House? And how about the new LEGO Marvel Venomised Groot and the LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig™? There is also lots of opportunities for LEGO Halloween creativity with instructions for sets to build at home and also not forgetting the Halloween Fun VIP Add-On Pack (40608).

Read on to find out more.

21341 LEGO® Ideas Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage

Halloween LEGO

Experience the enchanting delight of a beloved movie with the captivating LEGO® Ideas Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage (21341) set. This collectible set with 2316 pieces allows you to explore the intricacies of the cottage, from the museum gift shop to the bat-filled bedroom and the cauldron with a LEGO light brick illuminating the fire below. You can even detach the side room where Dani Dennison was once captured by the witches and activate the water wheel to create a mesmerizing pink ‘smoke’ effect from the chimney. The set includes 6 LEGO minifigures, along with a figure of Thackery Binx in cat form. These characters are accompanied by various accessory elements to recreate iconic scenes from Disney Hocus Pocus, such as a green lightning spell, Dani’s Halloween pumpkin bucket, and the witches’ broom, mop, and vacuum cleaner for their aerial journeys. Additionally, the gate/graveyard build can serve as a display stand for all the characters included in this set.

10273 LEGO® Creator Expert Haunted House

Halloween LEGO

If you have a fascination for ghosts, ghouls, and things that make your heart skip a beat, this could be the set for you – the LEGO® Haunted House (10273). Indulge in the extraordinary as you escape the ordinary, uncovering the thrills and surprises woven into this remarkable set. Take your time constructing this impressive model of a haunted house, and then delve into all the intricate secrets concealed within. Unlock the house, granting easy access to explore the hidden realms, where a fully functional free-fall ride awaits, complemented by automated doors found atop the tower. Witness the eerie closing of the haunted front doors, adding a spooky touch. By incorporating LEGO Powered Up components (sold separately), you can even control the lift using the Powered Up app.

76249 LEGO® Marvel Venomised Groot

LEGO Halloween Sets

When the adorable and lovable Baby Groot meets the fearsome alien Venom, the result is LEGO® Marvel Venomised Groot (76249). This figure, which can be moved and transformed, offers fans aged 10 and above an exciting way to experience the Marvel universe. Once a detailed and poseable version of Venomised Groot has been built, you can also modify the appearance as Venom takes

complete control, adding elements such as Venom’s distinct long tongue, sharp teeth, tentacles, and large white eyes. The model’s arms, legs, hips, and head can be moved, allowing builders to embark on limitless creative adventures with Venomised Groot.

75979 LEGO® Harry Potter Hedwig™

LEGO Disney

Experience the charm and graceful motion of Hedwig™, the beloved snowy owl from the iconic Harry Potter™ films. The LEGO® Harry Potter Hedwig (75979) display set brings this magical personality to life, providing an engaging building journey and an impressive showcase piece. Builders can construct their very own Hedwig, complete with movable ‘flying’ wings. With a wingspan spanning over 13″ (34cm) and crafted from 630 LEGO pieces, this build depicts Hedwig in mid-flight, delivering a crucial letter. Once assembled, a simple turn of the handle brings the wings to life, gracefully soaring up and down. The collectible model proudly stands on a durable base, accompanied by a detachable LEGO Harry Potter minifigure and a smaller Hedwig figurine with spread-out wings.

LEGO have also brought out instructions to build your own LEGO Vampire and LEGO Pumpkin this year using pieces from your own LEGO collection. Also, keep your eyes open for the upcoming Halloween Fun VIP Add-On Pack (40608), a 118 piece set full of spooky elements that are ideal for Halloween-themed constructions!