How to Store Lego

LEGO Storage 101. There are no hard and fast rules on how to store new LEGO sets but we have some guidelines based on what we have learnt over the years.

The key for storing sealed, brand new LEGO sets is about preserving the condition of the box. 

Ultimately the LEGO® itself is plastic and will be fine long after the box has been damaged and lessened the value of your investment.

So how best do you store the LEGO® set to protect the condition of the box?

  1. If possible, keep the box in the outer Lego shipping box that it comes in from the retailer
  1. For smaller sets keep the Lego box within another container or box so any damage is done to the outer “container”
  1. If neither the above are possible then sets should be stacked on flat shelving (not slatted)
  1. Sets should ideally not be stacked on top of each other (if you have to then stack the same sized sets on each other)
  1. Sets should be stacked on their long side and then this should be rotated regularly
  1. Sets should fully fit on the shelf and not hang over the edge
  1. The room the storage is in needs to be climate controlled: dark (no sunlight), temperature controlled and humidity controlled

What about Insurance?

Depending on the size of your collection and where it is kept, make certain that it is insured. If you keep the sets in your house make sure they are named on your house insurance, if stored elsewhere make sure you have specific insurance provision for the place of storage.