Get yourself a festive treat or two from this years’ LEGO Advent Calendars selection. A great way to get exclusive LEGO minifigures

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love having an advent calendar to open each day throughout December in the lead up to Christmas and LEGO® fans and collectors are clearly no different! First launched in 1998 with LEGO® Advent Calendar (1298), there have now been over 50 different Advent Calendars launched within the seasonal sub-theme within various different main themes. The sets have a very short shelf-life usually only being available for one Christmas season and on retail sale for approximately 3 months. Most of the sets also include multiple minifigs.

Retired Sets Analysis:

Having looked at the historic sets we can see that the sets retired up until 2020 have seen average annualised growth of 8%, with individual sets ranging between 3% and 15% annualised growth.

The 9 sets that retired this time last year have shown a 30% uplift over that year.

Breaking this performance down by Theme we can see the following performance:

Theme Number of Sets Average RRP Average Current Value Average Annualised Growth
General 7 £14 £48 6%
City 17 £19 £36 9%
Star Wars 10 £25 £43 12%
Friends 11 £21 £31 13%
Harry Potter 2 £25 £32 28%
Other 6 £19 £55 21%
Total 53 £20 £40 12%

Current Sets available

There are currently 5 available sets to choose from on retail sale: 

 Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar (76231) £29.99 at LEGO.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar (75340) £29.99 at LEGO.

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76404) £29.99 at LEGO

Lego City Advent Calendar (60352) £21.99 at LEGO.

Lego Friends Advent Calendar (41706) /£21.99 at LEGO.

Current Promotions:

The Lego Star War Advent Calendar (75340) is currently available at a 20% discount for £24 at Argos.

The Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76404) is available at a stunning 50% off at Amazon for £15.

The Lego Friends Advent Calendar (41706) is currently available at a 20% discount for £17.60 at Argos.

*** Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar (76231) now discounted to £20.99 in the LEGO 30% off Black Friday promotion***  


Historic annualised growth of 8% is decent enough, but doesn’t scream outstanding investment to us. The bigger uplift for the recently retired sets does pique our interest. Considering we are able to buy a set at half of its RRP and the short shelf life this sets have then we would happily advise purchasing this year’s Harry Potter Advent Calendar (76404). The Star Wars Advent Calendar (75340) also appeals as an investment with an entry price of 20% below RRP with clearly a strong track record of 12% annualised growth for previous versions.

INVEST in both the Harry Potter and Star Wars 2022 versions.