Lego City Airport Sets

Get ready for take off with these LEGO City Airport Sets. LEGO City is one of the most popular LEGO themes, featuring a variety of LEGO set designs that draw inspiration from real-life urban environments. LEGO City sets offer children and adults alike the opportunity to create their own metropolitan worlds, with buildings, vehicles, and characters to populate them. Where else could you take a break from your everyday life and immerse yourself in a different reality – only in the LEGO City world!

Live out your airport adventures with the exciting LEGO City Airport sets. Whether you’re a pilot navigating the skies, an aeronautical engineer designing new planes, or a hardworking baggage handler lugging around endless suitcases, LEGO City has got you covered. The attention to detail in the sets is impressive, with terminals, runways, and air traffic control towers included. One of the standout sets is the LEGO City Airport Passenger Airplane, which features a large airplane complete with a removable roof, Minifigures, and plenty of seating for passengers.

So buckle up and get ready for takeoff, as we take you through some of our top LEGO City Airport sets.

7893 LEGO City Airport Passenger Plane

Lego City

Not only impressive in size, but this set is also impressive for its vast variety of pieces and realistic display. It has great features including boarding stairs, a beverage cart, and 4 minifigures comprising passengers, a pilot, and ground crew. The interior seats 11 passengers, with a few that swivel in the front section for a luxurious experience. Available from March 2006 until it retired in June 2008, this LEGO City set came with 401 pieces and 4 minifigures (2 unique). Sold for £34.99 the value has flown to now be worth over £200, more than 6 times its original price and annualized growth of 13%.

60102 LEGO City Airport VIP Service

Lego City Airport

Discover an exclusive Airport VIP Service from LEGO® City with this set comprising a private plane and limousine both with easy interior access, additional airport service vehicle and other accessory elements. The 4 included minifigures; a pilot, airport service worker, limousine driver, and businesswoman make it an amazing set. You can make sure the businesswoman arrives promptly to the loading area, as you take control of the limousine. Accessory elements such as the laptop, ice cream, croissant, glass, and the walkie-talkie complete the experience. On sale for most of 2016 until it was retired in December 2017, LEGO City Airport VIP Service had 364 pieces and 4 minifigures (2 of which were unique). With an RRP of £39.99, the value has soared by 20% a year to its current value of just over £100.

3181 LEGO City Passenger Plane

Lego Set

Another Passenger Plane, this version was released in 2010 and retired towards the end of 2012. The part selection of this model is good! Not only does the small aircraft running alongside the larger one (3182) create an eye-catching effect, but its dimensions, color scheme, and balance are also excellent. The radar is a simple yet fundamental component for any airfield, and its construction is well executed. While the tug is acceptable, the tow bar is a brilliant accessory. Coming with 309 pieces and 3 unique minifigures, it retailed for £35.99 and is now valued at £120 and increase of over 200%, annualised at 12%.

Sub Theme Analysis

Having looked at all of the retired sets within the sub-theme we can see a solid performance delivering historic annualised growth of 10%. The sets would have cost just over £700 at RRP and re now worth £1,700 delivery a clear 1,000 profit.

If you’re an aviation fan and looking for your next LEGO Airplane set then the rumour is that there will soon be launched a 2,000+ piece LEGO Icons Concorde model with a RRP just below £200. One to keep an eye out for!