The LEGO shop experience. Buying LEGO online from LEGO.com is a definitely a great experience, with a range of features to ensure every buyer not only has information about the different ranges and sets, but can also buy or order at their leisure, take part in the LEGO VIP scheme and even order spare parts and download instruction manuals. 

For many though, the virtual shopping experience is never going to replace the real deal, and a trip to the LEGO store is a treat for any LEGO fan.

As soon as you approach the store, the iconic red and yellow colours awaken your LEGO senses, a range of impressive LEGO sets displayed in the store front entice you in and with a warm greeting from a LEGO store sales associate, you know you are going to have a wonderful experience. 

There are built models to be admired around the store, many of which are recently released sets to lure you in to making a purchase. The perimeter of the shop is lined with LEGO sets, all grouped in themes to make locating sets easy, whilst also enabling buyers of all ages to browse new sets with ease. 

But a visit to the LEGO store is not just about tempting you in to buy new sets, the knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer any questions while play opportunities are available for younger buyers and those wishing to top up their pieces at each stores own ‘brick pit’ and the all new Minifigure factory.

The buying experience at the tills is always engaging, with a sales associate keen to share their knowledge of your chosen set while ensuring VIP members are topped up with available offers and free sets, and non VIP members are signed up if they wish! 

Once your purchases are enclosed in their own yellow LEGO bag, are eagerly returned to their new home, and are built or stored away, you know it won’t belong before a return visit is arranged!