Lego Concorde

Often if you can’t get the real thing, a great LEGO Icons model comes a very close second and if you can wait a few months, there are whispers on the wind that we might be seeing an amazing LEGO Concorde coming this fall!

The Concorde supersonic jet was a marvel of aviation technology that captured the imagination of the world. Its development began in the 1950s when British and French aviation companies joined forces to build a supersonic passenger plane that could fly faster than the speed of sound. In 1969, the Concorde made its first flight and in 1976 it began commercial service, offering travellers the opportunity to fly from New York to London in just under three hours. The Concorde was not only a technical achievement, but it was also a symbol of national prestige. Of course, there were some downsides to the Concorde – its high cost meant that it was only available to the ultra-wealthy, and the sonic booms created by its flight were a major nuisance to those on the ground. But all in all, the Concorde remains an iconic engineering marvel that will forever be remembered as a symbol of the daring spirit of human innovation.

Lego Concorde Lego Icons

According to brick_clicker on Instagram, this incredible aircraft set will consist of 2,083 pieces and come with a price tag of $199.99 in the US. Not a peep yet on how much it will cost in Europe or the UK, however. The set will include a little information plaque and a cool display stand for your model of Concorde, modelled after the famous supersonic airliner.

Lego Plane Lego Exclusive Set

Fans of LEGO have been clamouring for a Concorde model for ages, and while a stud-free LEGO Ideas Legendary Concorde reached 10,000 supporters and even made it to the review stage last year, it sadly didn’t make the cut to be made into an iconic model. At present, the only other LEGO aircraft in a similar price range is the 42145 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter. However, that 11+ LEGO Technic set is definitely no match for Concorde’s incredible design!

Don’t get too excited until we hear the official word from the LEGO Group on it’s release, but we will be flying faster than the speed of sound to get our hands on one once the date is known!