Elevate your home or office ambiance with the LEGO Icons Kingfisher Bird set (10331), a captivating home décor building experience tailored for adults. Ideal for bird enthusiasts and seasoned LEGO builders alike, this set serves as both a striking centrepiece and a thoughtful gift.

LEGO Icons

Immerse yourself in the creative process as you construct a lifelike LEGO® interpretation of the majestic kingfisher in action, capturing its stunning plumage and exceptional hunting prowess. The model showcases the bird emerging from the water, securing a fish catch in its claws. The water setting, adorned with buildable reeds, not only enhances the realism but also doubles as an elegant display stand.

Tailor the kingfisher’s pose by adjusting its head and claws, allowing you to create your favorite dynamic display. With 834 meticulously crafted pieces, this set promises a relaxing and engaging building experience for those seeking a mindful project.

For added convenience, the LEGO® Builder app provides a digital version of the building instructions, ensuring a seamless building experience. This kingfisher model stands over 21 cm (8 in.) high, 31 cm (12 in.) wide, and 17 cm (6.5 in.) deep, making it a substantial and eye-catching addition to your collection.

The LEGO® Icons Kingfisher Bird set (10331) has 834 pieces and will retail for £44.99 ($49.99) will be released on 1st February 2024 in stores and on LEGO.com.