The LEGO 40712 Microscale Rocket Launchpad GWP

2024 emerges as the year of LEGO Space, boasting a diverse range of intergalactic-themed sets across various themes, from LEGO City to LEGO Friends. The latest buzz surrounds the rumours of an upcoming free Gift With Purchase (GWP) LEGO Space-themed set due to launch in just a few days. Identified as 40712 Microscale Rocket Launchpad, this gorgeous GWP is slated for release as early as February 16, 2024. However, the initial release date is exclusive to LEGO Insiders program members.

For those outside the program, the opportunity to acquire this new GWP arises from February 19 to February 25, 2024. To secure 40712 Microscale Rocket Launchpad, enthusiasts must make a LEGO purchase exceeding the $200 or £180 threshold.

The LEGO Space 40712 Microscale Rocket Launchpad GWP

What sets the 325 piece 40712 Microscale Rocket Launchpad GWP apart is the inclusion of Classic Space branding on its box. In a departure from the branding of other LEGO Space sets this year, LEGO seems to be gradually reintroducing iconic themes into the contemporary LEGO world. 40712 Microscale Rocket Launchpad GWP also pays homage to classic LEGO space sets from our childhood such as 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport, 6971 Inter-Galactic Command Base, and 920 Alpha-1 Rocket Base. The twist lies in their microscale builds, allowing for the incorporation of two LEGO Classic Space baby Minifigures – a blue version and (unique to this set) a white version which are perfectly sized to pilot each spacecraft.