The LEGO City Passenger Airplane (60367)
LEGO City LEGO Airplane LEGO City Passenger Airplane

LEGO City Sets have long been a favourite among both children and adult collectors for their versatility and imaginative play opportunities. With a vast array of themes ranging from LEGO police stations to LEGO Airplane and bustling cityscapes, LEGO City captures the essence of urban life in a captivating and interactive way. The sets often feature intricate details, realistic vehicles, and a wide variety of minifigures, allowing builders to create dynamic scenes and stories. Among the favourites is the LEGO 60367 City Passenger Airplane, promising hours of airborne adventures and thrilling journeys for fans of all ages.

Set Details

The LEGO City Passenger Airplane (60367) offers an exhilarating flight experience packed with realistic features and functions. This super-sleek toy aircraft boasts a detailed interior complete with a cockpit, seating, an aisle, and even a toilet. With additional accessories like an airstair, apron bus, pushback tug, catering truck, and baggage truck, the set provides endless play possibilities. Accompanied by 9 minifigures and an array of accessories including suitcases, cameras, and drinks, this set immerses builders in the bustling world of air travel. With impressive dimensions measuring over 19 cm high, 47 cm long, and 44 cm wide, this LEGO® Passenger Airplane promises high-flying adventures for aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.

Model Name Passenger Airplane
Model Number 60367
Theme City
Sub Themes Airport
Pieces 913
RRP $120 / £90 / €100
Price per Piece 13c / 10p / 11c
Minifigures 9
Minifigures Value $45 / £33 / €40
Launch Date September 2023
Current Status Available
Retirement Date (Projected) December 2025

Investment Potential

LEGO 60367 is a nearly 1,000 piece version of the LEGO City Passenger Airplane and comes with 9 minifigures (all but one of which are unique), which themselves are valued at approx. $45 currently (just over a 1/3rd of the $120 RRP). The 13c per brick cost is on the high side.

Projected 5 Yr Value $160 / £127 / €152
% Increase ($) 33%
Projected Future Annual Growth 10%
Theme Growth 6%
Sub-Theme Growth 11%

Theme Analysis

The LEGO City theme is not one we usually see as home to great investment opportunities returning just 6% annualised growth across over 800 sets and nearly 20 years since being launched in 2005. That said there have been some very successful sets within the overall theme and there are definitely some sub-themes that are better than others and the LEGO City Airport sub-theme is one of them returning annualised growth of 11%, almost double that of the underlying parent theme.

We looked at a few sets at the same price in the wider theme including LEGO City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel (60095) which has doubled in value since retiring in 2016 (10% annualised growth) and LEGO City Jungle Exploration Site (60161) which has seen 73% growth since retiring 5 years ago (11% annualised growth).

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
60080 Spaceport December 2016 $120 $166 38% 5%
60095 Deep Sea Exploration Vessel December 2016 $120 $237 98% 10%
60161 Jungle Exploration Site December 2018 $120 $207 73% 11%
60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration Base December 2019 $120 $132 10% 2%

Comparable Set Analysis

This is not the first LEGO City Passenger Airplane, in fact it’s the 4th iteration! That said the previous 3 have all been very popular and had decent performance post retirement and we would like to think this one will follow suit.

The previous versions include LEGO 7893 which retired in 2007 and has seen over 500% growth since (12% annualised growth) and LEGO 3181 which retired in 2012 and has seen 265% total growth (12% annualised growth).

The most recent to retire and closed to this set is LEGO 60262 which retied at the end of 2022 and has already seen growth of 32% since then.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
7893 Passenger Plane December 2007 $40 $245 513% 12%
3181 Passenger Plane December 2012 $40 $146 265% 12%
60262 Passenger Airplane December 2022 $100 $132 32% 29%


We’re a little torn on LEGO 60367. On the negative side is the overall theme performance, the high price per brick, that the set likely has 2 years of shelf life remaining and that there have been 3 previous iterations of the model. On the positive side, the sub theme almost doubles the parent theme performance and the previous 3 iterations of LEGO Passenger Airplane have all performed strongly post-retirement, out-performing even the sub-theme. Its one we think we may take a chance on, albeit nearer retirement date and with a discount to RRP.