LEGO Ideas sets have surged in popularity, captivating fans worldwide with their unique blend of creativity and community-driven designs. These sets, born from the imaginative minds of LEGO enthusiasts, offer a diverse range of themes and concepts, from iconic landmarks to beloved TV shows and movies. What sets LEGO Ideas apart is its democratic process, where fans submit their creations for consideration, and fellow enthusiasts vote for their favourites to become official LEGO sets. This collaborative approach not only fosters a sense of community but also ensures that each LEGO Ideas set carries with it a special charm and authenticity that resonates deeply with fans of all ages. As a result, LEGO Ideas sets have become cherished collectibles, celebrated for their innovation, quality, and the passion they inspire within the LEGO community. We take a look at one of the newest LEGO Ideas sets, 21346 Family Tree, below:

LEGO Ideas

The LEGO® Ideas set 21346 Family Tree offers a charming and customizable build that celebrates the beauty of family and nostalgia. As the 54th entry in the Ideas line and the second release of the year, this set emerges from a collaboration with Target, following the success of the previous Viking Village set. Designed by Ivan Guerrero, the tree features vibrant colours and closely resembles the original fan model, complete with a family, including the beloved family dog. The set includes hooks cleverly integrated into the branches for hanging photo frame pieces, allowing for personalization with small photos or messages. With 16 hanging holders for displaying mementos and a hidden storage compartment filled with accessory elements, including seasonal foliage, bird boxes, and playful items like a toy plane and roller skates, this set offers endless opportunities for creativity and storytelling. Perfect for adults seeking a creative gift or a unique piece of home decor, the LEGO® Ideas Family Tree invites builders to build together, reminisce, and create cherished memories.

The set is available now for $79.99 / £79.99 at LEGO® retailers.