The LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Trunk toy (76416) set
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Hold onto your wizard hats because Harry Potter LEGO sets are enchanting the brick-building world with a spellbinding popularity that’s practically magical! From Hogwarts Castle to the charming streets of Diagon Alley, these sets bring the Wizarding World to life in a way that even the Marauder’s Map would envy. Wizards, witches, and Muggles alike can’t resist the allure of creating their own miniature magical realms, complete with iconic characters, enchanted creatures, and, of course, the charm of LEGO bricks. It’s like having a bit of Diagon Alley right on your bookshelf or the Great Hall at your fingertips. So, whether you’re brewing potions in Snape’s classroom or taking a stroll down Privet Drive, LEGO Harry Potter sets are the key to unlocking a world of imaginative play and endless fun.

Set Details

The LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Trunk toy (76416) is a great 599-piece set which unfolds to reveal a detailed Quidditch playing field adorned with Hogwarts™ house banners, offering everything you need for thrilling solo or 2-player Quidditch matches. A fantastic gift for Harry Potter enthusiasts aged 9 and up, the set includes minifigures of iconic characters such as Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy™, Cedric Diggory, and Cho Chang, along with 10 extra heads and 10 hairstyles to create unique players. With equipment to set up three different Quidditch games, including shooting the Quaffle through the goal hoops, launching bludgers at the beater, and catching the elusive Golden Snitch™, the magical fun is endless. Once the game is over and the house cup has been awarded, simply pack everything away in the trunk for magical play on the go!

Model Name Quidditch Trunk
Model Number 76416
Theme Harry Potter
Sub Themes N/A
Pieces 599
RRP $68 / £63 / €70
Price per Piece 11c / 10p / 12c
Minifigures 4
Minifigures Value $30 / £25 / €30
Launch Date June 2023
Current Status Available
Retirement Date (Projected) December 2024

Investment Potential

This 600 piece LEGO Harry Potter set is definitely something a little different and comes with 4 minifigures which have a value of $30, almost half of the $68 RRP. Launched last summer it is expected to be retiring at the end of 2024.

Projected 5 Yr Value $95 / £76 / €91
% Increase ($) 40%
Projected Future Annual Growth 12%
Theme Growth 10%
Sub-Theme Growth N/A

Theme Analysis

The Harry Potter Theme is a solid one, returning annualised growth of 10% over a large sample size and time span. That said it remains a set pickers theme with quite a breadth of performance across different sets. The LEGO Harry Potter Miscellaneous sub-theme is a new one and doesn’t have any retired sets data to use yet.

We have looked at some of the similar prices sets across the theme including LEGO Harry Potter The Burrow (4840) which has more than tripled in value since retiring in 2011 (11% annualised growth) and LEGO Harry Potter Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures (75292) which has seen over 50% growth since retiring in 2019 (11% annualised growth).

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
4730 The Chamber of Secrets December 2003 $70 $308 340% 8%
4840 The Burrow December 2011 $60 $216 260% 11%
75947 Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue December 2021 $60 $82 37% 16%
75952 Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures December 2019 $50 $78 56% 11%


LEGO 76416 is a quirky set that we think will do well and outperform the LEGO Harry Potter theme post-retirement, with the value strongly underpinned by the 4 unique Harry Potter minifigures, including Harry himself. From a theme returning average annualised growth we think is a definite investment to add to your collection.