Lego Minecraft The Ice Castle
Lego Minecraft 21186 Lego Lego Minecraft Ice Castle

21186 LEGO Minecraft Ice Castle. Add to your LEGO Minecraft kingdom with 21186 Minecraft LEGO Ice Castle. LEGO Minecraft is a unique blend of two incredibly popular franchises. It is essentially a Minecraft LEGO set based on the popular video game Minecraft. The set allows players to build their own Minecraft world brick by brick, just like they would in the video game. LEGO Minecraft sets typically come with minifigures, building blocks, and accessories that are all modelled after the Minecraft universe. But what makes this combination of LEGO and Minecraft so popular? Perhaps it is the perfect marriage of two creative outlets. Fans of Minecraft can now physically build and explore the world they love, while LEGO enthusiasts can enter into a new world of building possibilities. Additionally, the nostalgic appeal of LEGO combined with the modern gaming craze of Minecraft may be the perfect recipe for success. Whatever the reason, LEGO Minecraft continues to be a hit among both young and old alike.

Set Details

There are a whole host of LEGO® Minecraft® sets, one of the latest sets released in 2022, is set 21186 LEGO Minecraft – The Ice Castle. Comprising of nearly 500 pieces, you can build, play and unleash your creativity with this amazingly versatile set. You’ll find yourself immersed in challenging and exciting gameplay with the Royal Warrior, a scary yeti, and a gang of skeletons and zombies attacking the toy castle. Equipped with specialized weapons, you can defend and protect the castle by firing arrows from the launcher on the battlements. What’s more, the set includes authentic accessories so you can mix your own potions or explore the depths of the treasure chest. And if that’s not enough, you can easily restructure the set for an entirely different Minecraft experience. 

LEGO Minecraft sets traditionally seem to be a good investment, does this set stay true to form? Read on to discover our investment advice.

Model Name Ice Castle
Model Number 21186
Theme Minecraft
Sub Themes
Pieces 499
Minifigures 6
Launch Date June 2022
Current Status Current
Date Retired N/A
RRP £45

Investment Potential

It’s not surprising to see us revisiting a popular theme for another potential LEGO Minecraft Set investment and this one could be a great set to get your hands on at a lower price point than some we have previously looked at.

If you’re quick, then it is currently available at a 20% discount for £35.99 at Amazon UK!

Launch RRP £45
Price Per Piece £0.09
Launch Price per piece £0.09
5th Year Value £79
Percentage Increase 75%
Expected Annual Growth 15%
Theme Growth 14%
Sub Theme Growth 14%

Theme Analysis

LEGO Minecraft is one of our favourite themes for investment, with strong annualised growth of 14%. The majority of the sets are within the Minifig-Scale sub theme which LEGO 21186 sits within, and which also have annualised returns of 14%.

We have looked at some popular Minecraft sets below including LEGO Minecraft The Village, LEGO Minecraft the Mine, LEGO Minecraft The Ocean Monument and LEGO Minecraft The Jungle Treehouse, which as a group have an average annualised growth of 16%.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
21128 The Village December 2017 £170 £445 162% 20%
21118 The Mine December 2015 £90 £274 204% 16%
21136 The Ocean Monument March 2019 £120 £220 83% 16%
21125 The Jungle Tree House November 2017 £75 £155 107% 14%

Comparable Set Analysis

We have then looked closer at some of the sets within the Minifig-Scale subtheme close to the £45 price point of LEGO Minecraft the Castle. There are 2 standout sets for us, LEGO Minecraft The End Portal and LEGO Minecraft The Ice Spikes which have both seen their price more than triple in 3 years delivering annualised growth of 28% and 25%. Combined with LEGO Minecraft The Fist night and LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box the group have an average annualised growth of 17%.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
21124 The End Portal December 2017 £50 £186 272% 28%
21131 The Ice Spikes January 2018 £45 £146 225% 25%
21115 The First Night November 2016 £40 £78 95% 11%
21116 Crafting Box November 2016 £50 £672 34% 5%


A great looking set, from a great theme with a strong investment history, we think this is one of those LEGO Minecraft sets that is a must buy before it retires, which could be as soon as the end of this year and a no-brainer with the current 20% discount available.