Lego Disney 100th Anniversary

LEGO Disney has a long history dating back to 1999 with the release of Winnie the Pooh sets under the Duplo® theme. These sets were beloved by children and parents alike, as they introduced the world of Disney into the world of LEGO. The following year saw the release of Mickey Mouse Duplo sets, as well as more Winnie the Pooh sets. Fast-forward to 2010 and LEGO Disney had evolved to include more elaborate sets. LEGO Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and LEGO Toy Story hit the market in tandem with the release of Toy Story 3. These sets were met with much acclaim and continue to be a favourite among young and old LEGO enthusiasts alike. Today LEGO Disney offers endless possibilities for Disney fans to let their imagination run wild while building their favourite scenes and characters.

In 2023, Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and the LEGO Group will be joining in on the festivities. For over 24 years, LEGO® Disney has inspired families to let their imaginations run wild and create magical worlds using the iconic LEGO bricks. Through a combination of storytelling, imagination, and creative play, both Disney and LEGO have brought countless moments of joy to fans around the world. With exciting new Disney stories on the horizon, the two partners will continue to honour these memorable moments throughout the year by unveiling new LEGO Disney products and experiences that will bring families together in playful celebration. Three upcoming sets to look out for are: LEGO 43225; The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell, LEGO 43215; The Enchanted Treehouse and LEGO 43229; Ariel’s Treasure Chest.

But which LEGO Disney sets have been some of the greatest investments over the years? Sit back as we take a look at 3 of the best.

Theme Analysis

Disney LEGO is always popular with families and children alike, the sets often dazzlingly recreate the iconic stories, offering great playability alongside great builds. From an investment perspective this hasn’t always translated in good returns, but there are some great sets to look out for. Here are some gems hidden within the theme:

43183 LEGO Disney Moana’s Island

The LEGO® Disney Moana’s Island Home (43183) set lets kids explore island life and join Moana, Hei Hei, and Grandma Tala Stingray on exciting, imaginative adventures. With a vibrant play hut that includes a bedroom, living area, and dock, as well as a buildable waterfall with spinning whirlpool, this delightful playset is the perfect addition to any youngster’s collection.

A smaller set with an RRP of just £25, this has more than doubled in value since it’s retirement in December 2020 resulting in annualised growth of an amazing 37%, an astounding investment in anyone’s book!

41152 LEGO Disney Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle

The LEGO® Disney Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle offers an enjoyable building experience with several sections to assemble. The set features a bedroom, vanity, a special birthday cake, and a cautious spinning wheel. To boost the role-playing action, there’s also Maleficent’s Lair, adding a touch of drama and excitement. Customization is encouraged with the modular design, allowing kids to rearrange rooms on their own or integrate them with other LEGO l Disney buildable toys to create their dream castles. The set also boasts 2 mini-doll figures, Merryweather, and bunny LEGO figures.

Another set that has more than doubled in value, with an RRP of £30 and a current value more than double that giving annualised growth of 20% since it’s retirement in December 2018.

71044 LEGO Disney Train and Station

Get ready for adventure with one of the newest additions to the LEGO® ǀ Disney collection – the 71044 Train and Station. Explore the magical universe of Disney alongside fan-favorites including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip, Dale and Goofy, as you race ahead in the motorized, steam-style locomotive with tender, passenger car, and luxurious parlor car. This set features a host of exciting details including app-controlled functionalities that allow you to drive the locomotive forward or reverse and even emit realistic sound effects! The magnetic LEGO couplings make it easy to join up the train cars and the detailed interior of the openable parlor car features a table, armchairs, teapot and cup. But that’s not all – the intricate brick-built furnishings and details inside the toy train station building are out of this world!

A more recent and much bigger set, the Disney Train and Station retired in December 2021 with an RRP of £300. Current values are now a 1/3rd higher in less than 18 months, an annualised return of 24%!

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
43183 Moana’s Island Home December 2020 £25 £53 112% 37%
41152 Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle November 2018 £30 £69 130% 20%
71044 Disney Train and Station December 2021 £300 £405 35% 24%