21344 LEGO® Ideas Orient Express Train | Jump Aboard as we discover the NEW LEGO Ideas Orient Express Train

Have you seen the latest LEGO leaked news? The upcoming LEGO Orient Express, (21344) train set, is making waves among LEGO enthusiasts and train aficionados alike. A sneak peek from a LEGO for Adults catalogue has unveiled this LEGO Ideas Orient Express as an intricately detailed model, dedicated to celebrating the 140th anniversary of the iconic Orient Express train. While the official pricing, piece count, and release date are yet to be revealed, the anticipation is growing steadily. From the original Ideas model, designed by Let.sGO, the model was selected by LEGO for commercial release in October 2022 and has been colour-swapped to a striking blue, mirroring the Orient Express recognized in popular culture and its current livery. This luxurious set boasts a vibrant cast of 8 minifigures, including an engineer, conductor, and various guests aboard the opulent train.

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LEGO Ideas Orient Express

It is believed that the Orient Express Train is set to hit the shelves on November 1st, 2023, serving as the grand finale among LEGO Ideas sets for the year, just before the arrival of the Polaroid Camera in January 2024. It is rumoured to total 2540 pieces, the set includes the locomotive, tender, and two wagons. Interestingly, the final design of the train’s front significantly deviates from the original fan concept. A unique feature of the set is the removable roofs on both wagons, unveiling the well-known interior of the Orient Express. The first wagon boasts an onboard restaurant, featuring tables, a counter, and a prominent map hanging on the wall. In contrast, the rear wagon hosts a passenger compartment equipped with a bed, sofa, and even a small bathroom. For a complete experience, the set also provides tracks upon which the train elegantly rests. The Orient Express Train is anticipated to be priced at $299.99 promising an enchanting journey through the world for both LEGO and train enthusiasts.