We are excited to introduce the newest addition to the LEGO Ideas Gift with Purchase collection, set 40595, featuring the legendary astronomer Galileo Galilei. This unique LEGO GWP set, discovered during the LEGO “Ready, Set, Go STEM!” contest in 2022 was submitted by the talented creator @Firecracker_, also known as Jess, and pays homage to the pioneering scientist. It allows you to delve into Galileo’s world with a meticulously crafted research room, complete with a buildable telescope, a rotating heliocentric model, a table, a chest of drawers, ‘stone’ experiments, an Earth map, and a picture of the iconic tower from his hometown in Pisa. Adding the nameplate and positioning the Galileo Galilei Minifigure completes a captivating centerpiece. With 307 pieces, this LEGO free gift model stands at over 3.5 inches (9 cm) in height, 7.5 inches (19 cm) in width, and 4 inches (10 cm) in depth.

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The GWP fits in with LEGO sets featuring real-life historical figures who’ve made significant contributions to science, exploration, and engineering bring a touch of education and inspiration to the world of play. These sets celebrate the achievements of remarkable individuals, allowing builders to connect with the stories of scientists, explorers, and engineers who’ve shaped our world. Including Leonardo da Vinci, the tribute to Amelia Earheart and Eiffel’s Apartment, these sets not only foster creativity but also instil a sense of curiosity and admiration for the visionaries who have expanded our knowledge and the boundaries of human achievement.

Don’t miss the chance to acquire this exclusive Gift with Purchase set, available from November 1st to November 16th, 2023, while supplies last, for qualifying purchases of $130 / €130 / £130 and above. For comprehensive promotional details, visit LEGO.com starting November 1st, 2023.