3 Great Lego Sets based on TV Shows

3 Great LEGO Sets based on TV Shows. Get All the Drama and Comedy With LEGO TV Series Sets, including LEGO Stranger Things, LEGO Avatar the Last Air Bender and LEGO Friends Apartment! LEGO sets are already some of the most fun toys around, but when they’re based on your favourite TV series, it’s like an explosion of awesome. From Friends to The Simpsons to Stranger Things LEGO, there’s a set out there for any screen junkie. Build a mini Central Perk set and re-enact scenes with your favourite Friends characters, or recreate the creepy upside-down world from Stranger Things complete with Demogorgon. The best part is that these sets let you bring your favourite TV worlds to life on your living room floor. So whether you’re the type to carefully follow instructions or you’re the kind of person who likes to wing it and make your own wacky creations, LEGO sets based on TV series are a must-add to any collection.

10292 LEGO Icons The Friends Apartment

Lego Sets Lego Friends Apartment

Rarely we include a current set in these articles, but the LEGO Friends Apartment is one at Investabrick we all love (maybe we’re showing our ages!).

A LEGO Icons set that was launched in June 2021, we expect this to be retiring either the end of this year or in 2024. The set comes with just over 2000 and pieces and 7 minifigures of the main cast for an RRP of £159.99. We are projecting annualised growth of 10% post-retirement and a value in 5 years of close to £250.

Model Name The Friends Apartment
Model Number 10292
Theme Icons
Sub Themes N/A
Pieces 2048
Minifigures 7
Launch Date June 2021
Current Status Retiring Soon
RRP £160
Launch RRP £160
Projected 5th Year Value £234
Percentage Increase 46%
Projected Future Annual Growth 10%

3828 LEGO Avatar The Last Airbender Air Temple

Lego TV Series Lego Avatar

From the 2000’s TV series Avatar the Last Airbender is LEGO Avatar The Last Airbender Air Temple which was retired at the end of 2007. The set came with 400 pieces and 4 minifigures (1 unique) for an RRP of £24.99. Just over 15 years later the set is worth almost 20x as much at £478, a stunning return of 21% a year over that period.

The 4 minifigures have a combined value of £100, most o that made up by the unique Sokka and Aang, both of which are valued at £40.

Model Name Air Temple
Model Number 3828
Theme Avatar The Last Airbender
Sub Themes N/A
Pieces 400
Minifigures 4
Launch Date June 2006
Current Status Retired
RRP £25
Current Value £478
Growth to Date 1813%
Annualised Growth to Date 21%
Projected 5th Year Value £961
Percentage Increase 101%
Projected Future Annual Growth 15%

75810 LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down

Stranger Things Lego Lego Stranger Things

Released in 2019 this stunning set from the Netflix TV series The Stranger Things has over 2,000 pieces and 8 unique minifigures. It retailed for an RRP of £179.99 when it retired in December 2021 and today is value at 80% more than that at £325. We project this value to come close to doubling to over £600 in the next 5 years!

The 8 unique minifigures include Eleven, Will byers, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Joyce Byers, Dustin Henderson, Chief Jim Hopper and Demogorgon which have a combined value of close to £150, with both Demorgon and Dustin Henderson individually worth close to £50 each. Will this be the only Lego Stranger Things set? We hope there is more to come!

Model Name The Upside Down
Model Number 75810
Theme Stranger Things
Sub Themes N/A
Pieces 2287
Minifigures 8
Launch Date June 2019
Current Status Retired
RRP £180
Current Value £325
Growth to Date 81%
Annualised Growth to Date 51%
Projected 5th Year Value £626
Percentage Increase 93%
Projected Future Annual Growth 14%