76252 Lego Batman Batcave – Shadow Box
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76252 LEGO Batman Batcave – Shadow Box. Unleash your inner crimefighter with LEGO DC Batman Batcave Shadow Box set. Fans of LEGO and Batman™ can get their fix in one place with great LEGO Batman sets! DC, a prominent publisher of comics and graphic novels, has been entertaining and inspiring audiences for over eight decades, featuring legendary superheroes, iconic super-villains, and unforgettable stories. The DC Multiverse is brought to life with LEGO DC sets, including Metropolis, Gotham City, Star City, Central City, and now with the release of DC Batman Batcave – Shadow Box!

DC Batman, one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, is known for his unparalleled crime-fighting abilities and his secret lair, the Batcave. The Batcave, located in the depths of Gotham City, is home to Batman’s high-tech gadgets, including the famous Batcomputer, along with his arsenal of crime-fighting weapons and vehicles. The Batcave not only serves as a hideout for Batman, but also as a training ground for Robin and other allies in the fight against crime. The cavernous space is filled with intricately crafted details, from stalactites to bats on the walls, making it an awe-inspiring site for both fans of Batman and visitors to the world of Gotham City.

Set Details

The LEGO® DC Batman™ Batcave – Shadow Box (76252) is an exceptional set that captures an extraordinary dynamic tableau, incorporating movable items, minifigures, and an impressive Batmobile™ to display the iconic Batcave™ from the acclaimed 1992 movie, Batman Returns™. The set includes 7 elusive characters, including two versions of Batman™ and Max Shreck™, The Penguin™, Catwoman™, Alfred Pennyworth™ and Bruce Wayne™ figures that only appear in this set. With 3,981 pieces, this set offers meticulously designed details measuring over 51 cm (20 in.) wide, including movable structures that can be controlled from the rear, turning the chair, swapping the computer screen, and opening and shutting the tool store for a realistic experience. Additionally, the Batsuit™ vault illuminates when opened, and the Batmobile boasts a plethora of hands-on features. This set is an excellent addition for adult enthusiasts who desire to recreate the Batcave™ and the movie magic of Batman Returns™.

Model Name Batcave – Shadow Box
Model Number 76252
Theme DC Super Heroes
Sub Themes Batman Returns
Pieces 3981
Minifigures 7
Launch Date June 2023
Current Status Available
Date Retired N/A
RRP £345

Investment Potential

DC Comics Superheroes, and specifically Batman related sub-themes has never been an area we have rushed to invest in but we thought we’d run our eyes over the stunning looking new LEGO Batman Batcave – Shadow Box set (launched at the start of June 2023) for the RRP of £344.99 here and available now for LEGO VIP Rewards members (If you are not already a member click here to sign up!)

Launch RRP £345
Price Per Piece £0.09
Launch Price per piece £0.09
5th Year Value £411
Percentage Increase 19%
Expected Annual Growth 6%
Theme Growth 6%
Sub Theme Growth 6%

Theme Analysis

DC Comics Super Heroes retired sets have offered a return of just 6% a year historically as have the subset of Batman sets we looked at. This leaves us needing a very set specific reason to want to recommend a set from the theme as an investment.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
76035 Jokerland December 2016 £90 £166 84% 10%
76138 Batman and the Joker Escape December 2020 £35 £36 3% 1%
10937 Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout December 2014 £130 £180 38% 4%
76188 Batman Classis TV Series Batmobile December 2022 £30 £32 7% 13%

Comparable Set Analysis

We took 2 approaches in comparable sets to try and justify investment. Firstly we looked at previous incarnations of the Batcave, specifically LEGO Batcave 6860 which has increased in value by just 13% in 10 years since retiring and LEGO Batcave 76052 which is currently valued at below its RRP 5 years since retiring.

We also looked at the higher value Batman related sets and here we found far better performance from a couple of sets, albeit from sets that have retired recently. LEGO 1989 Batwing (76139) has increased in value by 44% since retiring in November 2021 and LEGO Bating (76161) has increased in value by 12% since retiring last December.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
6860 Batcave December 2013 £70 £79 13% 1%
76052 Batcave March 2018 £240 £208 -13% -3%
76139 1989 Batmobile November 2021 £220 £317 44% 26%
76161 Batwing December 2022 £180 £201 12% 24%


Whilst there is some encouragement in the performance of some of the recently retired bigger LEGO Batman sets, this is not enough to overcome the relatively poor performance of the theme historically and especially the performance of the 2 previously retired LEGO Batcave sets.

This is a stunning, complex build set which will look stunning when displayed, but for us is a set to avoid for investment purposes.