3 Great Vintage Lego Sets

3 Great Vintage LEGO sets You Wish You Owned, Including LEGO set 215 Red Indians, 375-2 LEGO Castle and 487 LEGO Space Cruiser. If you’re a LEGO collector, vintage sets definitely bring back some nostalgia. The classic designs, the quirky figures, and that satisfying click as the blocks snap together – what’s not to love? Vintage LEGO sets can range from worldwide favourites like the Classic Space series, to more niche sets like Knight’s Castle. These days, some collectors are willing to pay top dollar for rare vintage sets they missed out on as kids. It’s a bit of a trip down memory lane, but also a way to appreciate the long history and impact of this beloved toy. Who knows, maybe your old LEGO set collecting dust in the attic could be worth more than you think!

375-2 LEGO Castle

Vintage Lego Sets

This vintage LEGO set is a Classic Castle and came with 767 pieces and 14 minifigures for the price of £39.49 in 1978. 45 years later this set is valued at just over £5,400 if you have one in mint condition. That equates to nearly 15 times its original price (we’d still have been recommending trying to buy at a discount!) and representing annualised growth of 12%.

Model Name Castle
Model Number 375-2
Theme Castle
Sub Themes Classic
Pieces 767
Minifigures 14
Launch Date 1978
Current Status Retired
RRP £39
Current Value £5426
Growth to Date 13640%
Annualised Growth to Date 12%
Projected 5th Year Value £8349
Percentage Increase 54%
Projected Future Annual Growth 9%

487 LEGO Space Cruiser

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The LEGO Space Cruiser also from 1978 came with 170 pieces and 2 minifigures for its RRP of $10 (equivalent to £5 at conversion rates) and today is worth almost £1,200 nearly 250 times as much!!! That’s an annualised return of 13% for the last 45 years!

Model Name Space Cruiser
Model Number 487
Theme Space
Sub Themes Classic
Pieces 170
Minifigures 2
Launch Date 1978
Current Status Retired
RRP £5
Current Value £1196
Growth to Date 23820%
Annualised Growth to Date 13%
Projected 5th Year Value £1926
Percentage Increase %61
Projected Future Annual Growth 10%

215 LEGO Red Indians

Lego Set 215

The LEGO Red Indians 215 Lego set from 1977 has just 93 pieces that cost just under £3. Today it is valued at more than 50 times that amount at just over £150 having annualised growth of 9%.

Model Name Red Indians
Model Number 215
Theme Building Set with People
Sub Themes N/A
Pieces 93
Minifigures 0
Launch Date 1977
Current Status Retired
RRP £3
Current Value £154
Growth to Date 5480%
Annualised Growth to Date 9%
Projected 5th Year Value £216
Percentage Increase 40%
Projected Future Annual Growth 7%