John Lewis Lego Offers June 2023

John Lewis LEGO Offers – June 2023. There are a huge range of LEGO offers out there at the moment, not only is the LEGO VIP double points offer about to begin, but right now, John Lewis is promoting its massive sale on popular LEGO sets with discounts up to 25%. A variety of themes are featured, including LEGO Technic, LEGO Icons, LEGO Ideas, LEGO Marvel and more.

Below we have picked our favourites:

71411 LEGO® Super Mario The Mighty Bowser ™

John Lewis Lego

Explore the majesty of Koopa King with LEGO® Super Mario™ The Mighty Bowser™ set (71411), which features Bowser’s iconic look, like his spikes, using the latest LEGO elements released in October 2022. With its popular features, such as the fireball launcher and a button for controlling the movements of Bowser’s head, neck, arms, and even fingers, the set is perfect for building, displaying, and investing in!

Read our article here. This set is currently available at a 25% discount for £172.49

21336 LEGO® Ideas the Office

Lego Offers

Construct a realistic LEGO® Ideas exhibit model (21336) of the American office from the famed mockumentary TV series, The Office. Build recognizable features of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company with LEGO bricks – such as the conference room, boss Michael Scott’s private office (which slides out for individual display), and many other details.

Read our article here. This set is currently available at a 20% discount for £83.99

75337 LEGO® Star Wars™ AT-TE™ Walker

Lego VIP

Experience the Battle of Utapau like never before with the amazing LEGO® Star Wars™ AT-TE Walker (75337). This impressive building set is a perfect present idea for fans of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, ages 9 and above. It showcases adjustable legs, an elevating heavy blaster cannon that rotates 360 degrees and has two stud shooters, as well as two intricately designed cabins that can host up to seven LEGO minifigures. Both cabins can be effortlessly opened for convenient play, and an extendable handle allows for easy transportation of the AT-TE.

Read our previous article here. This set is currently available at a 20% discount at £95.99

75349 LEGO® Star Wars™ Captain Rex™ Helmet

Lego Technic

Discover the admirable 501st Legion Clone Commander with this exclusive brick-built LEGO model for adults of Captain Rex Helmet from the acclaimed Star Wars™ series: The Clone Wars. Unwind and

focus on creating every detail of this exquisite helmet, and notably, include the buildable stand with its nameplate to impressively showcase it at home or work.

75350 LEGO® Star Wars™ Clone Commander Cody Helmet

Lego Icons

This build-and-display model for adults, the LEGO® Star Wars™ Clone Commander Cody Helmet (75350), is a unique and impressive collectible that honors the valiant soldier. Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will enjoy the process of recreating the distinctive contours of his famous helmet. The set includes a brick-built stand with a nameplate, making it a standout centerpiece.

75328 LEGO® Star Wars™ The Mandalorian™ Helmet

Lego Ideas

Indulge your creative side and center your attention on the building of a LEGO® Star Wars™ replica of The Mandalorian’s helmet (75328). This authentic collectible is designed with drum-lacquered elements to recreate the metallic sheen of beskar armor. Additionally, it features bricks in different shades of grey to highlight its contours. For your home or workplace, a brick-built display stand with nameplate completes the look of this remarkable centerpiece.

All currently available at a 20% discount at £47.99

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10312 LEGO® Icons Jazz Club

Lego Marvel

Experience a night of impressive big band music, jazz dancing and delicious pizza with the LEGO® Icons Jazz Club (10312), where you can build your own jazz venue with unique techniques, such as a 45-degree doorway. This adult building set is perfect for modular buildings enthusiasts and music fans alike. Once assembled, the club offers a beautifully decorated interior, complete with a jazz stage, pizzeria, and dressing room for the band. Get ready to be amazed for hours to come.

Read our article here. This set is currently available at a 15% discount for £169.99.