76218 Lego Marvel Superheroes Sanctum Sanctorum
Lego Marvel Superheroes 76218 Lego Sanctum Sanctorum

76218 LEGO Marvel Superheroes Sanctum Sanctorum. A must buy Marvel Superheroes set at an amazing 37% discount. LEGO Marvel sets are a match made in comic book heaven. From Spider-Man to the Avengers, these sets are sure to bring out the superhero in anyone. Plus, the detailed designs and intricate minifigures make for great collector’s items. Even if you’re not a hardcore fan, building these sets is a total delight. From characters to masks, vehicles to buildings, you can bring the Marvel universe to life, brick-by-brick.

One such building is the Sanctum Sanctorum, the mystical headquarters of Marvel Comics’ Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. This mystical landmark sits in the heart of Greenwich Village, surrounded by coffee shops, bookstores, and a surprising number of cats. The Sanctum Sanctorum is a mix of Victorian architecture and Ancient Egyptian artifacts that would make Indiana Jones jealous. Inside you’ll find the Eye of Agamotto, the Book of Vishanti, and maybe even a stray Dormammu. So, whether you’re a budding magician or just passing by, stop on in and say hi to Doctor Strange. Just don’t touch any magical relics unless you want to end up in a dimension of mindless ones for eternity.

Set Details

LEGO® Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum (76218) is an adult-fan designed set that captures the magic of Doctor Strange. This modular, 3-story, 2,708-piece building is a tribute to the Master of Mystic Arts and depicts scenes from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The set features whole walls and layouts that can be easily customized thanks to several customizable elements included in the package. Doctor Strange enthusiasts will love this building’s different floors where you can find his mystical collections museum on the top floor, his library in the middle section, and other familiar features on the ground floor. The set comes complete with 9 iconic LEGO Marvel minifigures, including Doctor Strange, Wong, Iron Man, and Spider-Man, as well as various customisable elements and a host of authentic accessories.

Model Name Sanctum Sanctorum
Model Number 76218
Theme Marvel Superheroes
Sub Themes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Pieces 2708
Minifigures 9
Launch Date August 2022
Current Status Available
Date Retired N/A
RRP £215

Investment Potential

A great looking set from the LEGO Marvel Superheroes theme and one we’ve had an eye for a little while. Available at the RRP of £214.99 from LEGO.com what has really piqued our interest is the huge discount on offer currently at Argos. They have reduced the price by £80 (37%) to £135.

So, is it really a no-brainer at that price? Let’s find out!

Launch RRP £215
Price Per Piece £0.08
Launch Price per piece £0.08
5th Year Value £286
Percentage Increase 33%
Expected Annual Growth 10%
Theme Growth 11%
Sub Theme Growth N/A

Theme Analysis

LEGO Marvel Superheroes is a solid theme based on historic performance delivering annualised returns of 11% across nearly 150 retired sets, so purchasing from within this theme at such a discount makes this a very interesting proposition.

We took a look at some of the bigger LEGO Marvel Superheroes and were very encouraged by the performance of LEGO Marvel Superheroes The SHIELD Helicarrier (76042) which has grown 70% in value since retiring in 2017 and LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle (76057) which has almost doubled in value to £195 since also retiring in 2017.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier December 2017 £280 £479 71% 10%
76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition December 2019 £120 £148 23% 6%
76057 Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle December 2017 £100 £195 95% 13%

Comparable Set Analysis

The sub theme this set is in, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness only has 1 recently retired set so we have chosen to look at the 2 Sanctum Sanctorum sets that have previously retired. Both

have shown decent post-retirement performance especially LEGO Marvel Superheroes Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown which has nearly doubled in value since retiring in 2019 at an annual rate of 20% growth.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown December 2019 £90 £168 87% 20%
76060 Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum July 2017 £30 £51 70% 10%


Drop what you’re doing (yes I know that means reading our site) and get over to Argos to snap this LEGO Marvel Superheroes set up for £135 before they have sold out!

Then come back and read some more recommendations!