60368 Lego City Arctic Explorer Ship
Lego City 60368 Lego Lego Arctic

60368 LEGO City Arctic Explorer Ship. Go on a snow-filled adventure with LEGO Arctic set. LEGO has always enabled fans to take their imaginations all over the globe. Now you can venture to the coldest corners of the world with LEGO Arctic.

The Arctic. It’s a place of icy intrigue and blustery fascination. But why do people find it so captivating? Perhaps it’s the allure of polar bears, the fluffy, yet ferocious, kings of the tundra. Or maybe it’s the chance to experience a land where the sun never sets, making you wonder if bedtime is even a thing here. For others, it’s the sheer magnitude of this icy wilderness that beckons, filled with frozen expanses that stretch as far as the eye can see. Regardless of the reasons, the Arctic continues to draw in the curious and daredevils alike, making it one of the most magical places on Earth. However, you don’t have to hop on a plane and brave the frigid temperatures to experience the Arctic for yourself. With the introduction of LEGO® City Arctic sets, you can unleash your inner explorer and create your very own Arctic adventure from the comfort of your own home. From snowmobiles to research stations, these sets are as cool as the Arctic itself (pun intended). So, grab a hot cocoa and get building! Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new species of LEGO polar bear.

Set Details

The 815 piece LEGO® City Arctic Explorer Ship (60368) sets the stage for exciting expeditions to come. This buoyant toy boat boasts life-like features to spur imaginative exploration adventures and comes fully equipped with a helicopter, dinghy, underwater ROV sub, Viking shipwreck, a treasure chest, and an orca model. 7 Minifigures can be found in the set complete with accessories including a laptop, walkie-talkie, camera, wrench, binoculars, syringe, 2 cups and a Viking axe, shield and helmet. Children are fascinated by vehicles and machinery, and LEGO City building sets offer them an opportunity to investigate such creations with lifelike models and playful characters for open-ended, creative play. Combine this playset with others in the LEGO City collection for even more amusement.

Model Name Arctic Explorer Ship
Model Number 60368
Theme City
Sub Themes Arctic
Pieces 815
Minifigures 7
Launch Date June 2023
Current Status Available
Date Retired N/A
RRP £130

Investment Potential

Launching on Jun 1st is this 2023 LEGO City Arctic set and it is available at LEGO.com for the RRP of £129.99.

Launch RRP £130
Price Per Piece £0.16
Launch Price per piece £0.16
5th Year Value £165
Percentage Increase 27%
Expected Annual Growth 10%
Theme Growth 8%
Sub Theme Growth 10%

Theme Analysis

Underlying numbers on the LEGO City theme of 8% annualised growth don’t scream immediate investment for us and very few of the sets out perform the theme by any great number. The most solid of the LEGO City sets was Lego City The Mine (4204) which has more than doubled in value since retiring in 2014.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
60228 Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control December 2021 £90 £96 7% 4%
4204 The Mine December 2014 £70 £160 129% 10%
4440 Forest Police Station December 2013 £60 £105 75% 6%
60161 Jungle Exploration Site December 2018 £85 £124 46% 9%

Comparable Set Analysis

The performance of the retired LEGO City Arctic sets is a little more encouraging at 10% annualised growth but still nothing to get us rushing to buy indiscriminately from the sub theme. Having looked at some of the individual LEGO City Arctic sets we found a varied level of performance, the pick of which was LEGO City Arctic Icebreaker (60062).

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
60036 Arctic Base Camp December 2015 £70 £121 73% 8%
60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration Base December 2019 £85 £89 5% 1%
60196 Arctic Supply Plane December 2019 £60 £81 35% 9%
60062 Arctic Icebreaker December 2015 £80 £198 148% 13%


A solid, but unexciting theme for investing and one to pass on for us as there are better opportunities out there currently.