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In a galaxy not too far away LEGO investors are making fortunes investing in the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series theme. In honour of the launch of the fantastic new LEGO Star Wars UCS Set Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser, we felt it was time to share the very best LEGO Star Wars UCS sets based on investor profits. This is seriously blockbuster LEGO Investor content. Strap yourselves in.

The Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series (UCS) from LEGO is a highly sought after product line among true LEGO enthusiasts and investors. The sets in this series have earned rave reviews, high investment values and significant profits for dedicated collectors.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular UCS sets from the legendary Star Wars films:

Coming in at Number 5 we have LEGO Star Wars The Imperial AT-ST (Set Number: 10174)

LEGO Star Wars

The Imperial AT-ST, famously known as the Scout Walker, serves as the Empire’s swift and efficient transportation across Hoth’s icy plains and Endor’s dense forests. Comprising of over 1000 pieces and with its formidable armaments and robust armour, the remarkably detailed AT-ST stands at an impressive height of 42cm. It boasts features like rotating weapons, a pilot hatch that opens, movable window panels, and much more. Any adversaries of the Empire should be on high alert! This was released in 2006 and is currently worth £435, which represents a 637% return on investment. With an annualised growth rate of 15%, the set has made great gains for those who have invested in it over time.

At Number 4 we have LEGO Star Wars The Death Star II (Set Number: 10143)

LEGO Star Wars UCS

The iconic Death Star from the Star Wars movies is an unforgettable sight for fans, and with a total of 3,449 pieces, this unique replica of the Death Star II from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi is one of the most impressive LEGO Star Wars models ever created. This intricately detailed version of the partially constructed Death Star floating above the forest moon of Endor, with its super laser primed for action, is a remarkable addition to any Star Wars collection. This is another fan favourite that was released in 2005 and now has a value of £2,459. This represents an 884% return on investment with an incredible 16% annualised growth rate.

Coming in at Number 3 we have LEGO Vader’s TIE Advanced (Set Number: 10175)

LEGO Star Wars

With its distinctively enlarged wings, extended ion engine block, and reinforced hull, Darth Vader’s TIE fighter surpasses the capabilities of a regular TIE fighter in terms of both durability and firepower. This version of Vader’s TIE Advanced is meticulously designed as part of the Ultimate Collector Series, capturing the authentic details depicted in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. These details include its unique body shape, cockpit compartment, and twin laser cannons. This set rounds out the trilogy sets from this series. Released in 2006, the TIE Advanced is currently worth £857, giving investors a whopping 971% return on investment with an impressive 17% annualised growth rate.

At number 2 we have a set for fans of the prequel films, LEGO Star Wars Darth Maul (Set Number: 10018)

LEGO Star Wars UCS

The Darth Maul returns afresh in this impressive set, as the formidable Sith Lord serves as an imposing figure in bust form and a fantastic acquisition for Star Wars enthusiasts. Comprising of over 1800 pieces, and with intricate detailing and lifelike features, this Darth Maul set stands at a mighty 43 cm in height upon completion. Released in 2001, this set has seen incredible gains since its release and is now worth £3,670. That’s a 3723% return on investment and an incredible 19% annualised growth rate.

Finally at number 1 We have the incredible Special Edition Naboo Starfighter (Set Number: 10026)

LEGO Star Wars

The starfighter featured in The Phantom Menace episode of the Star Wars series was utilized by Naboo pilots and Anakin Skywalker to engage the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship during the Battle of Naboo. Consisting of 187 pieces, it showcases the distinctive chrome details, twin laser cannons, proton torpedo launch tube, and V-type twin radial sub light speed-engines of the Naboo Starfighter. Additionally, the set includes a pilot and R2-D2 astromech droid. Released in 2002 it has earned a staggering 4332% return on investment with an impressive 20% annualised growth rate. This set is currently valued at £1,108.

Whether you are a Star Wars fan or an investor in LEGO sets, these impressive UCS sets are sure to deliver great returns for years to come. Investing in these limited edition sets is a great way to add value and excitement to your LEGO collection! So, if you’re looking for the perfect investment, why not consider one of these UCS sets from the Star Wars Universe! With so much potential for growth, there’s no better time to invest in one of these iconic sets. Invest wisely and make your own fortune with LEGO! May The Force be with you!