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It’s fantastic to find discounted LEGO sets! Currently, there are amazing LEGO discounts and LEGO offers available if you search around. John Lewis currently has lots of sets on offer, mainly at 20% or even better at 25% off. The sale includes a range of themes like LEGO Technic, LEGO Icons, and LEGO Ideas. Below we have picked our favourites, great for those of you who are LEGO Icons fans as we are:

Below we have picked our favourites:

10297 LEGO Icons Boutique Hotel

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Experience hours of great construction while you skilfully assemble the 5 sections of this model. Taking inspiration from opulent European architecture from the turn of the century, it showcases unique triangular geometry and sophisticated embellishments. Create the guest rooms, penthouse suite, lobby, terrace, and staircase, each containing captivating stories, including playful nods to other LEGO Modular Buildings sets. The design features a roof with a decorative dome and skylight, incorporating never-before-seen elements and colours. Catering to adult builders, this set guarantees pure enjoyment.

Read our article here. This set is currently available at a 20% discount for £159.99.

10278 LEGO Icons Police Station

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This remarkable set is filled with clever design and concealed elements. Accompanied by an evidence locker, jail cell, interrogation room, and case board with interconnected red lines, the police have everything necessary to unravel the mystery. A brick-built staircase winds through intricately detailed floors that can be easily removed for exploration. Adjacent to it is a doughnut shop bursting with delectable treats, and on the other side, you’ll find a newspaper kiosk.

Read our article here. This set is currently available at a 20% discount for £135.99.

10274 LEGO Icons Ghostbusters ECTO-1

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For fans of Ghostbusters™, this is a great offering – the LEGO® Ghostbusters ECTO-1. This model, inspired by the Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie version, showcases realistic elements including functional steering, a trapdoor, ghost trap, an extendable rear gunner seat, proton pack, and authentic details from the original vehicle, such as the iconic Ghostbusters logo.

Read our article here. This set is currently available at a 25% discount for £157.49.

21335 LEGO Ideas Motorised Lighthouse

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The LEGO® Ideas Motorised Lighthouse (21335) showcases a tower with a motorized rotating light and unique Fresnel lens elements, alongside a cottage featuring a cozy fireplace. Easy access to both the cottage and the tower offers a glimpse into their intricately designed interiors. Situated on a brick-built rocky outcrop with steps leading to the pier and a cave that holds treasures of pirates, this delightful scene is amplified by the presence of minifigures such as the lighthouse keeper, sailor, and adorable figures of a rowing boat, seagull, and cat.

This set is currently available at a 20% discount for £207.99.

42129 LEGO Technic Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck

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Filled with lifelike features, the LEGO® Technic™ 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck presents an engaging construction experience suitable for individuals aged 12 and above. By opening the doors and hood of the vehicle, you can explore its realistic functions, including a fully operational suspension system on all four wheels and a service hatch for gearbox inspection. Furthermore, the model showcases a meticulously designed engine with a rotating radiator fan. Also, this LEGO Technic model introduces a new feature – differential locking – allowing users to manipulate the truck on uneven terrain by activating or deactivating the differentials through a dedicated App.

Read our article here. This set is currently available at a 30% discount for £199.49.

Other sets available include:

LEGO Art Hokusai – The Great Wave (31208) reduced 25% to £67.49

LEGO Icons Vespa 125 (10298) reduced 25% to £67.49

LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith (21325) reduced 20% to £127.99

LEGO Friends Main Street Building (41704) reduced 30% to £97.99

LEGO Disney Up House (43217) reduced 25% to £37.49