Lego Minifigures

If you’re like most LEGO enthusiasts, your collection of LEGO Minifigures is growing every day. But where do you put them all, especially your rare LEGO Minifigures? The last thing you want is for your precious little guys to be lost in a sea of bricks gathering dust. Fear not, my brick-building friend! There are plenty of creative ways to store and display your LEGO Minifigures. A simple solution is to use a shadow box or display case with individual compartments for each figure. You can also use magnetic strips on a wall or even create a custom LEGO Minifigure display case with LEGO bricks. But if you don’t want to get creative and make your own display case, there are plenty of ready-made options out there for you to purchase and show off those collectible LEGO Minifigures in all their glory!

We have looked at some currently on the market:

LEGO® Minifigure Display cases come in a range of sizes. These display cases let you showcase your valuable collectible minifigures. It comes in an elegant black design, and features separate compartments, each with a grey baseplate that keeps your minifigures perfectly posed. The transparent clasp door makes it easy to access your figures, and the case itself is very sturdy, with the option to wall mount or display on a flat surface. As your collection grows, you can easily stack multiple cases, thanks to the large LEGO studs on the base and top.

Lego Minifigures

The LEGO® Play and Display Case is a 2-level presentation case offers LEGO® enthusiasts an opportunity to showcase their latest creations. It comes with 6 secure grey baseplates that can hold models and minifigures, a transparent cover, and a LEGO design background that gives a vibrant, colourful display while safeguarding against dust, damage, and interference by siblings. It’s a sleek and practical storage solution for kids to store, protect, and exhibit their LEGO® models and minifigures.

Rare Lego Minifigures

If you’re searching for a way to protect and showcase your LEGO® Minifigures, look no further than the superb range of display cases, stands and podiums provided by Wicked Brick. With storage options ranging from 1-190 capacity and an array of customizable backgrounds available, they offer the great solution to displaying your beloved minifigs. Their individual Minifigure wall mounts, complete with customized backgrounds, allow you to create your perfect display with a unique touch. Whether you’re after a desk top stand for your favourite Marvel Minifigure or a custom wall-mounted Perspex® display case for your Star Wars™ collection, Wicked Brick has got you covered.

Lego Enthusiasts

Minifigures Display is another fantastic company that has been providing top-quality solutions for Lego® Minifigure collections since 2014. Their team in Barcelona employs the finest techniques and craftsmanship to create unique Display Frames that best showcase your collection. From small frames to large ones holding up to 112 Minifigures, and even those that you customise yourself, these solidly built display cases with an inner depth of 4cm ensure that all Minifigures and their accessories can be displayed correctly.


iDisplayit provides a range of display case options catering to all your needs. Their collection includes various kinds of display cases ranging from a single Minifigure display to a 40 Minifigure desktop display case. Additionally, they offer a wall-mounted display cases which is perfect for showcasing your LEGO collection while saving space, enabling you show off up to 100 Minifigures. Their new Minifigure plates are a great option to display your Minifigures next to your LEGO sets whilst keeping them in place.

Just remember, your LEGO Minifigures deserve the VIP treatment so add a touch of sophistication to your LEGO collection and give them the storage and display they deserve!