75979 LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig
Lego Harry Potter Hedwig Lego Lego Hedwig Harry Potter Lego

The enchanting blend of LEGO and the wizarding world of Harry Potter has captured the hearts of fans across the globe. LEGO Harry Potter sets have become immensely popular, providing a unique opportunity to relive the adventures of their favourite wizarding world, from the halls of Hogwarts to the enchanting streets of Diagon Alley. The perfect fusion of creativity, storytelling, and nostalgia, Harry Potter LEGO has become a beloved pastime for enthusiasts of all ages, offering a new way to connect with the beloved characters and locations from the books and films. Among these captivating creations, the Harry Potter LEGO Hedwig (75979) model stands out as a true gem. The fascination with LEGO Harry Potter, exemplified by the enchanting Hedwig LEGO model, showcases how these timeless stories continue to thrive and evolve in the hands of devoted fans.

Set Details

Step into the enchanting world of Harry Potter with the delightful LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hedwig (75979) collectible display model. This iconic snowy owl comes to life through an enjoyable building experience and promises to be the star of your collection. With a wingspan that stretches beyond 13 inches (34cm), this 630-piece masterpiece depicts Hedwig in the midst of delivering an important letter, with stunning attention to detail. Once your assembly is complete, you can simply turn a handle to watch Hedwig’s articulated wings gracefully flap up and down, adding a touch of lifelike magic. Resting elegantly on a sturdy base, this collectible model also includes a detachable LEGO Harry Potter minifigure and a smaller version of Hedwig with its wings gracefully spread open, making it an enchanting addition to your collection.

Model Name Hedwig
Model Number 75979
Theme Harry Potter
Sub Themes Character
Pieces 630
Minifigures 1
Launch Date June 2020
Current Status Retiring Soon
Date Retired N/A
RRP £35

Investment Potential

This stunning LEGO® Harry Potter™ model of the owl Hedwig™ sits within the characters sub-theme in the Harry Potter theme and having been for sale for over 3 years is finally due for retirement this year with it listed in the last chance section on the LEGO.com website.

LEGO Hedwig 75979 comes with 630 pieces and a unique Harry Potter minifigure, which equates to a low price per brick of just 6p.

LEGO Hedwig is currently available for its £34.99 RRP at LEGO.com or with 15% off at Amazon £29.69.

Launch RRP £35
Price Per Piece £0.06
Launch Price per piece £0.06
5th Year Value £44
Percentage Increase 25%
Expected Annual Growth 5%
Theme Growth 7%
Sub Theme Growth N/A

Theme Analysis

The LEGO Harry Potter theme has delivered 7% annualised growth for over 20 years and across a large amount of sets. We have looked at some of the older sets at a similar price point which show phenomenal performance.

LEGO Harry Potter The Durmstrang Ship (4768) has delivered nearly 600% growth over 17 years, annualised growth of 12% whilst LEGO Harry Potter Shrieking Shack has delivered 460% growth since retiring in 2005 (10% annualised growth).

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
4768 The Durmstrang Ship July 2006 £40 £279 598% 12%
4756 Shrieking Shack July 2005 £40 £224 460% 10%
4708 Hogwarts Express December 2003 £40 £176 340% 8%
4714 Gringott’s Bank December 2003 £25 £116 364% 8%

Comparable Set Analysis

A new theme and little historical evidence, there have only been the 2 sets retire so far in December last year and they have had contrasting fortunes! LEGO Harry Potter & Hermione Granger (76393) has a current value of £84, more than £30 below its RRP whilst Fawkes, Dumbledores Phoenix has a current value just over £50, 46% more than its RRP!

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger December 2022 £115 £84 -27% -33%
76394 Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix December 2022 £35 £51 46% 62%


LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig (75979) feels like a little bit of a punt as an investment, albeit a relatively cheap one at the £30 cost (5p per brick) that its currently available at from Amazon and with it due for retirement imminently.

It’s easy to argue this set is far closer to Fawkes, Dumbledores Phoenix (76394) than it is to the Harry and Hermione LEGO set (76393) and that set has done phenomenally well since retiring in December last year.