John Lewis is currently running some spectacular LEGO offers that promises to make LEGO enthusiasts’ hearts skip a beat. At John Lewis, LEGO aficionados can revel in a grand feast of LEGO discounts and offers that will make their inner child jump for joy. They have launched a LEGO promotion that offers you the chance to grab up to 20% off when you purchase full-priced LEGO sets on their website. But hold on, there’s more! You can supercharge your savings by using the promo code LEGOSPEND. This means that when you spend £250 or more, you can snag an impressive £50 off your total bill. If you’re eyeing sets up to £150, you won’t be disappointed either, as you can enjoy a substantial £30 discount. Even if you’re looking to be thrifty and stick to a budget of £50, John Lewis has your back with a cool £10 off. So, whether you’re a devoted LEGO architect or a parent looking to score some discounted LEGO treasures for your kids, this John Lewis LEGO sale is a golden opportunity.

We’ve taken a closer look at a few must-have sets that you might want to consider purchasing using this great promotion. Read on to discover how you can build your LEGO collection without breaking the bank, thanks to these John Lewis LEGO offers.

Spend £250 save £50:

21335 LEGO® Ideas Motorised Lighthouse

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The remarkable LEGO® Ideas Motorised Lighthouse (21335) model showcases a lighthouse tower with a motorized rotating light and specially designed Fresnel lens elements, alongside a cozy cottage featuring a captivating fireplace. Both the cottage and tower provide easy access for admiring the intricately detailed interiors, perched on a skillfully crafted rocky outcrop with steps leading to the pier and a hidden cave brimming with pirate’s treasure. Additionally, the scene comes to life with minifigures of a lighthouse keeper and sailor, along with a buildable rowing boat, and charming seagull and cat figures.

Currently selling for £259.99, this becomes £209.99 using the promotion code LEGOSPEND.

10255 LEGO® Icons Assembly Square

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Experience the incredible Assembly Square, a tribute to the ten-year anniversary of LEGO® Modular Buildings. The building features removable sections, granting access to the exquisitely designed interior. On the ground level, you’ll find a bakery, florist’s shop, and café. The middle level houses a music store, photo studio, and dental office. The upper level boasts a dance studio and apartment, complete with a rooftop terrace and barbecue. The exterior showcases a meticulously crafted sidewalk with outdoor café furniture, a fountain, streetlamps, and a beautifully embellished facade. Three shop signs, a spired tower, and a decorative roofline complete the picture. With eight minifigures and a baby figure included, you can create a whole town of LEGO adventures.

Currently selling for £259.99, this becomes £209.99 using the promotion code LEGOSPEND.

Spend £150 save £30:

21325 LEGO® Ideas Medieval Blacksmith

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Escape from the modern world and assemble the impressive LEGO® Ideas Medieval Blacksmith (21325) model. This LEGO creation pays homage to the architectural intricacies of a three-story building from the Middle Ages. The removable roof and upper levels offer a convenient view of the fully furnished bedroom, kitchen, and a bustling workshop reminiscent of a genuine medieval blacksmith’s smithy. Notable features include a luminous forge with a LEGO light brick, a charming garden with buildable apple trees and a well. Giving life to this enchanting setting are four minifigures – a blacksmith, archer, and two Black Falcon Knights – armed with four swords, three shields, and a halberd. To add authenticity, there’s a posable horse figure, a buildable cart, as well as adorable dog and treefrog minifigures.

Currently retailing for £159.99, this reduces to £129.99 using the promotion code LEGOSPEND.

75371 LEGO® Star Wars™ Chewbacca™

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Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi with a tribute to the iconic Wookiee character. The LEGO® Star Wars™ Chewbacca™ (75371) figure depicts his furry physique in LEGO form along with his bandolier and formidable bowcaster. This remarkable LEGO figure stands at an impressive height of over 46 cm (18 in.) and includes a built-in display stand. The set also features a personalized plaque that provides details about the character, along with a Chewbacca LEGO minifigure armed with a bowcaster that shoots studs.

Currently retailing for £179.99, this reduces to £149.99 using the promotion code LEGOSPEND.

Spend £50 save £10:

21183 LEGO® Minecraft® The Training Grounds

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LEGO® Minecraft® The Training Grounds (21183) is a playset that offers endless enjoyment for Minecraft players and children aged 8+. With its large size and intricate design, it sparks creativity and imaginative play. Upstairs, you’ll find a dojo where the Minecraft warriors reside and train. Downstairs, there’s a blacksmith’s cave equipped with an anvil, oven, armor stand, and more for kids to create and fix their weapons. The two levels are connected by a trapdoor activated by pushing a block under the tree. This remarkable set provides everything needed for an action-packed adventure, including a marauding skeleton. And for those seeking a different experience, the levels can be separated and reconfigured to create a whole new play scenario.

Use the promotion code LEGOSPEND to reduce the price for £59.99 to £49.99.

71766 LEGO® NINJAGO® Lloyds Legendary Dragon

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The battle playset LEGO® NINJAGO® Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon (71766) is designed for ninja enthusiasts aged 8+ to engage in endless hours of imaginative play. Kids can enhance the movable dragon toy by adding a saddle and larger attack-mode wings that can move both backward and forward. This building set includes 4 minifigures: Lloyd, equipped with a sword and can be enhanced with a hood; Nya, armed with a spear; Viper Flyer, equipped with a jetpack and sword; and Python Dynamite, armed with a stick of dynamite and a ballista shooter.

Use the promotion code LEGOSPEND to reduce the price for £59.99 to £49.99.