Lego Braille Bricks

In anticipation of World Blind Awareness Month in October, the LEGO Group has responded to global demand by introducing a new product called LEGO Braille Bricks. These unique bricks are now available for purchase on Aimed at children aged 6 and above, LEGO Braille Bricks – Play with Braille provides an inclusive way for individuals who are blind, partially-sighted, or sighted to learn about the braille system at home with their family members in a fun and engaging manner.

Martine Abel-Williamson, President, World Blind Union, commented: “For blind and partially sighted children, and adults for that matter, it makes all the difference if they can share their journey of learning braille with the people they love the most. For the blind community, braille is not just literacy, it’s our entry to independence and inclusion into this world, and to have LEGO Braille Bricks made available for the wider public is a massive step forward to ensuring more children will want to learn braille in the first place. And because it’s based on a product that so many families already know and love, this is really an invitation for all family members to have fun building tactile skills and getting familiar with braille using the same tool.”

Previously, the LEGO Foundation distributed LEGO Braille Bricks exclusively to organizations that specialize in educating children with vision impairment, without any cost. Since their introduction in 2020, parents, caregivers, grandparents, children, and educators have consistently provided feedback on the bricks’ positive impact and how they revolutionize the learning of braille for children with vision impairment. The overwhelming response paved the way for LEGO Braille Bricks – Play with Braille, allowing families to experience the benefits and enhance their tactile skills in a home environment.

LEGO Braille Bricks

LEGO Braille Bricks – The Play with Braille set consists of 287 bricks available in five colors: white, yellow, green, red, and blue. These bricks are completely compatible with other LEGO products, and their studs are strategically arranged to represent letters and numbers in the braille system. The printed version of the symbol or letter is placed underneath the studs.

The set also provides two baseplates for building and is packaged with braille embossing. To enrich the play experience and promote pre-braille skill development, offers a range of play starters that teach players how to position, connect, and stack the bricks using games like Rock, Paper, Scissors. These activities are enjoyable for the whole family to join in.

The LEGO Group is also pleased to announce that LEGO® Audio & Braille Building Instructions will now become a permanent offering. Inspired and co-developed by entrepreneur Matthew Shifrin who is blind, this experience gives builders the option of having select LEGO building instructions available as audio or text for braille readers.

LEGO Braille Bricks – Play with Braille is priced at 89.99 USD and now available for pre-order in English and French versions ahead of launch September 1st 2023. In early 2024, the set will also be available in Italian, German and Spanish versions.

The LEGO Foundation will continue to carry out research and distribute LEGO Braille Bricks educational kits free of charge through partnering national blindness associations and other partnering organisations.