LEGO Ideas The Insect Collection

The LEGO Ideas The Insect Collection, a concept created by LEGO enthusiast José María Pérez Suero (@hackiroku24), has been revealed by the LEGO Group. As part of the launch celebration for the new LEGO Ideas Insects set, the LEGO Group has introduced Green Noise, an ASMR playlist inspired by nature, featuring reimagined sounds of insects using Foley techniques and LEGO clicks.

Sanaa Kelley, an award-winning and Emmy-nominated Foley artist, has partnered with LEGO to bring users an extraordinary experience. Using her expertise in creating sound effects from everyday items, she has painstakingly recreated the unique sounds of insects in nature, using only LEGO bricks. The playlist showcases the beauty of insects like never before, putting them in a new perspective. Inspired by the Blue Morpho Butterfly, the Hercules Beetle, and the Chinese Mantis featured in the LEGO Ideas The Insect Collection set, each track in the playlist is up to 45 minutes long and entirely made from the flutters, clicks, and snaps of LEGO bricks and packaging, combined with various Foley techniques.

LEGO Ideas The Insect Collection

The LEGO Ideas The Insect Collection (21342) is a new release of fan-inspired creations, showcasing various insects in their natural habitats. The Blue Morpho butterfly can be found on a branch within the South American Amazon Rainforest, while a honeybee hovers over a buildable flower nearby. Journey to Central America, where you can assemble the world’s longest beetle and place the male Hercules beetle on top of a decaying log. With removable wings and a closable shell, you have two display options. Lastly, a Chinese Mantis perches on a slim branch from an Asian forest, keeping a watchful eye on a small seven-spotted ladybug hidden amidst brick flowers.

LEGO Insects LEGO Ideas Insects

The LEGO Green Noise playlist can be streamed via The LEGO® Ideas The Insects Collection will be available globally via LEGO Stores and at from 4th September 2023 for LEGO VIPs and 7th September for all at the recommended retail price of $79.99 / €79.99 / £69.99.