Lego Friends Apartments
Lego Friends Apartments 10292 Lego Icons Lego Set

10292 LEGO Friends Apartment. The LEGO set that will always be there for you. There are many classic TV shows that come to mind when you think of sitcoms from the last 30 years, up there with the best must be ‘Friends’. Now the show can always be there for you with a great LEGO Icons version – LEGO Friends Apartments. Full of iconic details this is a great set for both Friends and LEGO fans.

Friends aired its first episode on September 22, 1994 and ran for 10 seasons. It followed the lives of six friends – Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey as they navigated adulthood in New York City.

Monica’s apartment, shared with Rachel, is one of the most iconic sets of all time. It was featured in every episode of Friends, and it became a character unto itself. The apartment across the hallway was occupied by Chandler and Joey throughout most of the series, furnished with a variety of furniture and objects that added to the show’s quirkiness and charm, including an ugly recliner, foosball table, and yellow sofa.

Set Details

With 2048 pieces and 7 great minifigures, LEGO set 10292 Friends Apartments is sure to bring out the fan in you. Brimming with details from the show, it’s a must-have as you put yourself in the hearts and homes of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross! The attention to detail in the model is brilliant with Monica’s purple door, the balcony, Joey and Chandler’s reclining chairs, and even Phoebe’s dollhouse. Not to mention all of the fun accessories that reference classic moments from the show – like Monica’s Thanksgiving turkey, the chick and the duck, the devouring of Mrs Braverman’s cheesecake and the canoe!

This 18+ set includes a detailed and comprehensive instruction manual, featuring an interesting profile of Anderson Ward Grubb, the LEGO designer who was not very familiar with the TV show. The manual also provides a helpful guide on which episodes and outfits the 7 minifigures; including Janice, are based on (our favourite has to be Joey dressed in Chandler’s clothes!).

Could we BE any more impressed with this set? Read on to discover our investment advice.

Model Name Friends Apartments
Model Number 10292
Theme Icons
Sub Themes
Pieces 2048
Minifigures 7
Launch Date June 2021
Current Status Current
Date Retired N/A
RRP £160

Investment Potential

As well as being a great set, with plenty of fun in the build, this set has some great minifigures included. In our experience any TV show that is syndicated for a significant period as Friends has been has a significant loyal fan base and that adds real star quality to the LEGO Investment potential.

Launch RRP £135
Price Per Piece £0.08
Launch Price per piece £0.07
5th Year Value £205
Percentage Increase 28%
Expected Annual Growth 8%
Theme Growth 7%
Sub Theme Growth N/A

Theme Analysis

This set sits firmly in the LEGO Icons theme which continues to be one of our favourite themes. The theme averages 7% projected annual growth. When looking at the numbers we considered the following sets LEGO Horizon Express, LEGO Downtown Diner, LEGO Fairground Mixer and the LEGO London Bus. Combined these LEGO Sets had a combined annualised growth of 12%. 

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
10233 Horizon Express December 2014 £80 £221 176% 13%
10260 Downton Diner November 2020 £130 £230 77% 27%
10244 Fairground Mixer November 2016 £120 £171 43% 6%
10258 London Bus December 2021 £110 £115 5% 3%

Comparable Set Analysis

As always we dug deeper into the data and wanted to consider some additional licensed TV LEGO sets to finalise our projections. With a couple of other sets such as LEGO Seinfeld and LEGO Queer Eye the Fab Five Loft also retired or retiring soon this will be a good group of sets to keep a close eye on also. For the purpose of this article, we looked at LEGO The Big Bang Theory, LEGO Doctor Who and LEGO The Flinstones. This group of sets had a star-studded annual growth of 14%. 

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
21302 The Big Bang Theory December 2016 £50 £165 230% 21%
21304 Doctor Who November 2016 £50 £127 154% 16%
21316 The Flintstones January 2021 £55 £61 11% 5%


Let’s be honest this set is a must buy for any fans of the Friends series anyway but even if you weren’t and just like to buy LEGO sets that have stacks of Investment potential then this is a very easy set to buy. A massive thumbs up from us. We would suggest to certainly buy a couple of these to continue to build out your LEGO portfolio.