Lego Santa’s Visit
Lego Santa’s Visit Christmas Lego set Lego 10293

10293 LEGO Santa’s Visit. A must buy Christmas LEGO set. Just when you think that the magic of Christmas cannot get any better, sprinkle in a bit of LEGO magic and new seasonal joy emerges. For some, family traditions may include decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, visiting family, and eating scrumptious treats, but now building festive LEGO can be added to the enjoyment. 

The LEGO Winter Village Collection is a series of different sets in which builders can grow their own Christmas display as a new building is released every year. Arriving on the scene first in 2009 was the Winter Village Toy Shop, followed in 2010 with the Bakery in 2011 with the Post Office. Highlights in other years have been the 2016 Winter Holiday Train and the 2019 Gingerbread House. Fast forward to 2021 and the LEGO elves deliver Set 10293; Santa’s Visit.  

Set Details

Measuring 19 cm high, 27 cm wide and 16 cm deep, with 1445 pieces and 4 minifigures this snow-covered picture-perfect house is full of detail as a family awaits Santa’s visit.  On the outside, a wreath adorns the door of the cottage, Christmas holly hangs from the roof and a light up Christmas tree adds a special touch as Santa waits to drop down the chimney.  The roof of the cottage moves outwards, giving access to the first-floor bedroom where our girl minifigure can try to get to sleep on Christmas Eve. Downstairs, stockings hang from the fireplace, the kitchen is equipped with a food mixer and the table is set for the family to enjoy a meal together. 

The LEGO Winter Collection is a fantastic series in which sets can be rebuilt year upon year as a family tradition or as a one off. Santa’s Visit is a fun packed addition to the series, with features packed in every corner.

Model Name Santa’s Visit
Model Number 10293
Theme Icons
Sub Themes Winter Village
Pieces 1445
Minifigures 4
Column Launch Date September 2021
Current Status Current
Date Retired N/A
RRP £90

Investment Potential

The Winter Village sub-theme sits within the LEGO Icons general theme and sees one set released each year, usually in early October. Santas Visit was the 13th released last year, this year’s release is Holiday Main Street (10308 is number 14). Sets are usually available for retail sale for just over 2 or 3 years before being retired.

Launch RRP £90
Price Per Piece £0.06
Launch Price per piece £0.06
Current Value £90
Growth to Date N/A
Annualised Growth Since Retirement N/A
1st Year Value £90
Percentage Increase N/A
5th Year Value £119
Percentage Increase 32%
Expected Annual Growth 10%

Theme Analysis

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
10247 Ferris Wheel December 2018 £150 £298 99% 19%
10260 Downtown Diner November 2020 £130 £224 72% 33%
10252 Volkswagen Beetle December 2020 £75 £103 37% 19%
10268 Vestas Wind Turbine November 2020 £160 £190 19% 9%

Comparable Set Analysis

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
10199 Winter Village Toy Shop November 2011 £45 £156 247% 12%
10235 Winter Village Market December 2014 £80 £185 131% 11%
10254 Winter Holiday Train December 2019 £70 £146 109% 29%


The Winter Village sub-theme has shown very strong price growth on all of the sets released from 2009 to 2017, with all of them having an annualised growth greater than 10% post retirement, a phenomenal investment however you look at it.

Whilst recent sets haven’t seen as fast price rises, we think they will come in future and think that Santa’s Visit (10293) is an excellent purchase. It is currently in stock at LEGO for £89.99, and while you are there, we would definitely look at purchasing the 2020 Winter Village release Elf Club House (10275) for £79.99 before it is retired. If you’re splashing out for Christmas, then add in in the Christmas High Street for £89.99 and when buying all 3, as a VIP you will get a free colourful LEGO fleece blanket . (If you’re not already a LEGO VIP then you can sign up for free here.

Definitely one to buy, you just need to chose whether its an investment or to build for Christmas!