41758 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2023

Advent calendars have become increasingly popular in recent times as more people embrace the tradition of counting down to Christmas. There is a wide range of options available, from traditional chocolate calendars to unique ones filled with beauty products, catering to individual preferences. However, one particular advent calendar has taken the world by storm – the LEGO Advent Calendar. These calendars offer a new mini-building experience each day, providing endless hours of building and play for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. With themes like LEGO Friends, LEGO City, and LEGO Star Wars, these calendars are highly coveted during the holiday season. Whether you’re a long-time LEGO fan or new to the brand, the excitement of discovering a new build every day leading up to Christmas is simply irresistible. Building upon the success of the LEGO Advent Calendar 2022, let’s delve into what the LEGO Advent Calendar for 2023 has in store!

LEGO Friends

LEGO Advent Calendar


LEGO Star Wars

Treat LEGO® Friends enthusiasts aged 6 and above to a delightful surprise this holiday season with the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2023 (41758) set. Uncover a variety of mini-dolls, micro-dolls, and mini builds as each door is opened, adding a special touch to the Christmas countdown. This advent calendar pays tribute to the beloved pets of Heartlake City. Kids will delight in discovering the assortment of animals, mini-dolls, mini builds, and accessories that come together to create a festive pet playground display. Whether the pets are frolicking in the playground or taking a ride on the Christmas train, there are endless possibilities for creative play. With a playmat and modular pieces, the calendar allows for customization as kids connect and rearrange to design their ideal playground for the adorable pets. Explore the Christmas box and unleash imagination by decorating the Christmas tree with an array of vibrant dots.