Lego 60371 City Emergency Vehicles HQ
Lego City Lego Emergency Vehicles Emergency Vehicles Lego

LEGO 60371 City Emergency Vehicles HQ. City LEGO – Where Emergency Vehicles LEGO Sets Save the Day! Are you ready to jump into the world of LEGO City? This bustling metropolis is filled with excitement around every corner, from LEGO Emergency Vehicles with police chases to fire emergencies and everything in between. With sets ranging from towering skyscrapers to adorable mini-figures, there’s no limit to the adventures you can have in this brick-built cityscape. And let’s not forget about the countless vehicles and accessories that will have you feeling like a true LEGO City resident. So whether you’re looking to create your own bustling metropolis or just want to add to your collection, LEGO City is definitely worth checking out. Who knows what kind of adventures await you?

Set Details

Explore endless possibilities with the LEGO® City Emergency Vehicles HQ (60371) playset, where you can join the police, ambulance, and fire rescue services all in one. This two-level headquarters is packed with imaginative play features and includes a toy firefighting helicopter, ambulance, police SUV, and even a crook’s motorbike. The customizable toy emergency vehicles let kids attach various items such as a LEGO® water element launcher, toy searchlight, and camera. Fuel your imagination with the lineup of five unique minifigures, each equipped with their own LEGO® minifigure toy accessories including a banknote, medical equipment, and two apples. Get ready for action-packed adventures like no other!

Model Name Emergency Vehicles HQ
Model Number 60371
Theme City
Sub Themes Medical
Pieces 706
Minifigures 5
Launch Date December 2022
Current Status Available
Date Retired N/A
RRP £60

Investment Potential

Are you looking to invest in something that is timeless, classic, and sure to provide both financial and emotional returns? Look no further than LEGO City. With its vibrant colours, featured minifigures and ever-expanding opportunities for creative construction, it’s easy to see why LEGO City has become one of the world’s most beloved LEGO themes. Both casual collectors and serious investors can benefit from its appeal – not only does it allow for imaginative playtime but also provides a stable financial investment option as well.

Launch RRP £60
Price Per Piece £0.08
Launch Price per piece £0.08
5th Year Value £80
Percentage Increase 33%
Expected Annual Growth 10%
Theme Growth 8%
Sub Theme Growth 13%

Theme Analysis

LEGO City Emergency Vehicles offer a great investment opportunity. The set numbers 7208, 7237, 7993 and 4207 feature popular LEGO Fire Station, LEGO Police Station, LEGO Service Station and LEGO City Garage respectively. Each of these sets has been retired at different points in time since 2006, with the most recent being in 2013. Prices ranged from £29 for the Service Station to £80 for the City Garage when initially released. Now, the current value of these sets have grown substantially since their retired date, ranging from a 51% growth in value for City Garage (4% Annualised Growth) to a whopping 564% growth for Police Station (11% Annualised Growth). All of this makes LEGO City Emergency Vehicles an attractive option.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
7208 Fire Station October 2012 £62 £166 168% 10%
7237 Police Station January 2006 £55 £367 564% 11%
7993 Service Station December 2009 £29 £104 255% 10%
4207 City Garage December 2013 £80 £121 51% 4%

Comparable Set Analysis

If we do a deeper dive into the data we see that Investing in LEGO City sets can be an incredibly rewarding, as evidenced by the data shown below. The LEGO Hospital set was released in Dec-08 and had an RRP of £30. Nowadays, it is valued at £134, exhibiting a total growth of 346% and an annualised growth of 11%. Similarly, LEGO City Hospital (set number 60204) was released in Dec-19, with an RRP of £70; it is now valued at £131, exhibiting a total growth of 87% and annualised growth of 20%. The LEGO Ambulance Plane (set number 60116) had an RRP of £18 when it was released in Nov-16, and is currently valued at £22, exhibiting a total growth of 20% and annualised growth of 3%. Finally, the LEGO Helicopter Rescue (set number 4429) had an RRP of £35 when it was released

in Dec-13; it is now valued at £84, exhibiting a total growth of 141% and an annualised growth of 10%.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
7892 Hospital December 2008 £30 £134 346% 11%
60204 City Hospital December 2019 £70 £131 87% 20%
60116 Ambulance Plane November 2016 £18 £22 20% 3%
4429 Helicopter Rescue December 2013 £35 £84 141% 10%


Investing in LEGO City sets like these can be a great way to build your portfolio. As always, the potential for above-average returns can be possible if you make wise choices. Therefore, investing in LEGO sets like 60371 Emergency Vehicles is an easy decision. With its RRP of £39.99 and current value of £45.00 all the investment signs are great. Buy this one at LEGO today.