Lego Lunar New Year
Lego Lunar New Year 80111 Lego Lego Set

80111 LEGO Lunar New Year Parade. Do you buy this LEGO set on Christmas day? As a relatively new LEGO series, the Chinese Traditional Festivals sets are currently in their fifth year, appealing to a wide audience as LEGO aim to continue to capture imaginations as a global brand celebrating different cultures. Always released on Christmas Day in the UK, with varying other release dates around the world, the sets prove popular with a range of fans hoping to acquire one within their short shelf life.

A celebration of the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year on the lunisolar calendar, the Luna New Year is a massive celebration for millions of people around the world. Not only is it the most important holiday in China, but it is also widely celebrated in South Korea, Vietnam, and also countries with a large overseas Chinese population.

Set Details

One of the sets released for 2023 is the 1653-piece set 80111, Lunar New Year Parade. Celebrating the year of the Rabbit, this spectacular trio of parade floats is sure to be a hit with investors and builders alike. Heading up the float parade is a large buildable rabbit, which moves as the float is pushed, it is accompanied by a minifigure performer in a rabbit outfit. This is followed by two music themed floats, each containing traditional elements, including a drummer and dragon who also move when the floats are pushed. 

Not only is the design of the buildable elements first class, the 18 minifigures in the set come close to stealing the show. They include 2 masked performers, 5 musical performers with instrument accessories, and LEGO performers dressed as Monkie Kid, a pirate, a family and more.

Model Name Lunar New Year Parade
Model Number 80111
Theme Seasonal
Sub Themes Chinese Traditional Festivals
Pieces 1653
Minifigures 18
Column Launch Date December 2022
Current Status Current
Date Retired N/A
RRP £90

Investment Potential

Another set due to launch on Christmas Day from the popular Chinese Traditional Festivals sub-theme within the wider Seasonal theme. Also launching at the same time is Lunar New Year Display (80110) for £69.99. Read our article on this here. This set will be available from LEGO on Christmas Day in the UK for £89.99

and is another set to take a close look at based on the performance of previously retired sets within the sub-theme.

Launch RRP £90
Price Per Piece £0.05
Launch Price per piece £0.05
5th Year Value £140
Percentage Increase 55%
Expected Annual Growth 9%

Theme Analysis

We evaluated the Chinese Traditional Festivals sub-theme previously when we reviewed (80109) Lunar New year Ice Festival (click here to read). A sub-there where no set has had a shelf life longer than 12 months (8 months is the average) and 8 sets that have retired to date have shown an average annualised growth of close to 20%

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
80102 Dragon Dance December 2019 £60 £162 170% 38%
80103 Dragon Boat Race November 2019 £45 £44 -2% -2%
80104 Lion Dance December 2020 £65 £87 34% 15%
80107 Spring Lantern Festival December 2021 £90 £115 28% 26%

Comparable Set Analysis

The two Chinese New Year sets that have retired already offer even better historic performance with annualised growth of 16% and 29% (albeit on short timescales). This is a sub-theme we are really keen on and thing will deliver decent future returns.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner December 2019 £90 £194 116% 29%
80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair December 2020 £90 £123 37% 16%


An expected short shelf life, a theme and sub-theme with decent historic performance of retired sets, what not to love. We think this will be an excellent medium to long term investment.

You just need to choose whether you prefer this or the Lunar New Year Display (80110), or maybe buy both!