Lego Ninjago Dragons Rising

Are you ready for your next fix of LEGO Ninjago? Ninjago Dragons Rising is hotly anticipated to air on June 1, 2023, on Netflix. The show is a CGI comedy-action series and the sequel to Ninjago. The narrative consists of a Spinjitzu Ninja Master who trains a group of new heroes to rescue the planet through the discovery of Elemental Dragons. The storyline follows two teenagers with their newfound ninja powers, defending the dragons against the evil forces that seek to destroy the world. LEGO Group’s Head of Product, Nigel Kong has divulged that the focus on dragons was as a result of a survey conducted in 2021, which revealed kids desired dragons to be the main topic of the story.

So are you ready to rise to dragon glory with this new LEGO NINJAGO series, we take a look at some of the new sets due for release this summer.

71790 LEGO NINJAGO Imperium Dragon Hunter Hound

Lego Ninjago

This Photac Beast, brand new in June 2023, awaits your creativity with posable head, tail, legs, claws, and spikes. There’s no need to search for essential accessories or minifigures – this LEGO NINJAGO set has got you covered! Meet the powerful ninja duo Lloyd and Jay, who are armed with two katanas each. Additionally, we have the notorious Imperium Claw General, equipped with a sword and ready to ride the Photac Beast with his own saddle.

71791 LEGO NINJAGO Zane’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Race Car

Ninjago Dragons Rising

The all-new Zane’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Race Car (71791) is equipped with a spinning feature that raises the bar for playtime excitement. The vehicle’s downward spoiler lifts the rear wheels, enabling it to move on dragon power elements, helping the ninja warriors take on the evil dragon hunters.

This exceptional Ninja car playset comes complete with a quartet of Minifigures, namely, Zane and Cole, two skilled ninja warriors armed with a pair of katanas each, an Imperium Guard Commander, and an Imperium Claw Hunter, both equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, including an Imperium sword and an electric staff, respectively. To keep things charged up, there are two blue dragon power elements included, and for those with a keen eye, there are four additional power elements in other NINJAGO collections to be collated.

71795 LEGO NINJAGO Temple of the Dragon Energy Cores


Relive thrilling scenes from the NINJAGO® Dragons Rising TV series with the Temple of the Dragon Energy Cores (71795) set. This 4-floor temple toy is a magical wonder with a tree wrapped around it and a range of exciting traps, including falling tree trunks, a plunging balcony, and a toppling statue.

The playset also features 6 incredible Minifigures: Cole, Kai, and Nya, each armed with 2 golden katanas, Lord Ras with his trusty golden hammer, Empress Beatrix with her Imperium sword, and Spirit of the Temple, who comes with a large golden sword. There’s even a dragon energy core element atop the temple for epic battles between your favourite characters.

71797 LEGO NINJAGO Destiny’s Bounty – Race Against Time

Lego Star Wars

Check out the airship version of the iconic vehicle that our ninja crew now sails! It boasts a removable dragon perched at the front, posable sails, stud shooters at the rear, and 360-degree rotating engines. You can observe the navigation room and playroom with a video game arcade when the roof is removed. Included in the premium package is a Baby Riyu toy and six Minifigures. These Minifigures comprise Master Wu with his staff, Arin with a grappling hook, Sora, Lloyd and Kai with their own golden katana, and Rapton with an Imperium sword and his own grappling hook.

NINJAGO is one of our favourite Lego themes in the Investabrick office. Sounds like a bold statement and in truth we often get challenged on why this would be the case. When we are eagerly awaiting a new NINJAGO sub theme it’s always nice to remind ourselves and some key investment data. We have had a whopping 500 Lego NINJAGO sets released since 2011. Over 430 of these sets have retired and these at RRP would have totalled close to £6000, where we got all sweaty is when you consider that these sets are now valued at a rather magnificent £20,000. This shows an average annualised growth of 20%. This is why we always say double down on NINJAGO!! You could of used this strategy when buying Lego from 3 recently retired Lego NINJAGO sub themes including Lego NINJAGO Masters of the mountain (annualised growth of 10%) Lego NINJAGO Prime Empire (annualised growth of 8%) ,finally Lego NINJAGO Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu (annualised growth of 28%).