The Best 3 Lego Art sets

The Best LEGO Art sets currently available to buy. Looking for a fun and creative activity to do with friends and family? Look no further than LEGO Art Sets and Wall Art Toys! First released in 2020, these sets offer a challenging and enjoyable experience, encouraging collaboration through assembling familiar and iconic LEGO faces, patterns, and stylish painting-style portraits of familiar figures. From classic movies and TV shows to unique abstract designs, there’s a LEGO Art Set to match any taste and décor. Created predominantly of 1×1 studs, and often with different options for assembly, LEGO Art give you the freedom to create something truly one-of-a-kind for your wall.

Of the sets currently available we have picked our 3 favourites and also had a look at the 7 sets in the theme that have so far retired.

31203 LEGO Art World Map

Lego Art

LEGO 31203 is to some people the world’s largest LEGO set, at least if you judge that based on the number of pieces, as this sets comes with a current record 11,695 of them. A versatile set in that there are 3 different maps that you can make and display too, it has proved to be a very popular build, with an RRP of £214.99, it is currently available at but is expected to retire later this year. Once you’ve finished it is all ready to hang on your wall measuring 104cm wide by 65cm high.

31207 LEGO Art Floral Art

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The smallest of the LEGO Art sets released to date with “just” 2,870 pieces this set is currently available at for its RRP of £59.99. Likely to be available until the middle of next year this set has proved incredibly popular with “LEGO artists” to build and display, again incorporating the choice of 3 different designs to build, and they are only limited by your own imagination, you can create a unique piece of floral art to hang on your wall measuring 40cm high by 27cm wide.

31208 LEGO Art Hokusai – The Great Wave

Lego Art sets

Released earlier this year, LEGO Art Hokusai The Great Wave recreates an iconic piece of Japanese Art. With 1,810 pieces you can recreate and hang this masterpiece measuring 52 cm wide by 39cm high all whilst listening to its accompanying soundtrack. The set is based on the 1831 print by Hokusai and depicts boats passing through a storm tossed sea with large waves forming, and Mount Fuji in the background.

Theme Analysis

Since launch in 2020, LEGO Art has proved popular with builders but is it going to prove as popular with investors? There have been 13 sets released of which 7 are now retired and we have looked at their performance since retiring.

Of the 7 sets, 3 have shown promising signs and are delivering some profits since retiring, disappointingly the other 4 sets are available at their RRP or slightly below in the year following

retirement. So for us this is not a theme to be buying for investment purposes currently, but we would encourage any creatives out there to buy, design and build and then display some LEGO Art.

The pick of the retired sets has been 31200 LEGO Art Star Wars Sith, 31198 LEGO Art The Beatles, and 31204 LEGO Art Elvis Presley.

Set Number Set Name Retired Date RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
31200 Star Wars Sith March 2022 £115 £128 11% 9%
31198 The Beatles November 2021 £115 £142 23% 15%
31204 Elvis Presley December 2022 £105 £125 19% 45%