The top 3 Lego Space Police sets

The top 3 LEGO Space Police sets. LEGO Space Police – Ready to Defend the Universe, One Brick at a Time! Blasting off into space to bring order and justice, the Space Police LEGO sets made their debut in 1989 with 6 sets between $3 and $50 at retail in the US (£2 to £26 UK equivalent). With catchy names like Space Lock-Up Isolation Base and Galactic Peace Keeper, these sets were designed to let your imagination soar as you tracked down space criminals. It wasn’t just the intergalactic law enforcement theme that made these sets stand out, but also their of the time unique pieces, like different printed bricks, the space handcuffs and flashy light bricks. While the LEGO Space Police may have disbanded many years ago, their legacy lives on in the hearts of those who played with the sets and dreamed of a world where space cops kept the galaxy safe.

We’ve looked at the top 3 sets below:

6831 LEGO Space Police Message Decoder

Lego Space

The easy-to-build chassis comes with a touch of humour in the balloon tyres that look spot on. The car’s nose-down posture comes from slightly raised rear wheels, with wheel arch bricks adding charm and contrast against the nose’s space-age look. The cabin ensures the happy Policeman driver has plenty of shared space with his oxygen tanks. The vehicle’s back is made up of a hinge brick for the arms and a sloped brick at an angle with two red lights that you can move around. Just 34 pieces made up this set and included was 1 minifigure (SP1 Officer), this tiny set would have cost you $3 in 1989 (or just over £1.50). It is now worth over 100 times that much (its not often we see 10,000% in the total growth column!!!) at £160. That equates to an annualised return of 15% a year.

6986 LEGO Space Police Mission Commander

Lego Space Police

The 6986 Space Police Mission Commander, also known as the Galactic Enforcer, took the reins from the 6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager (a.k.a. Taurean Ore Carrier) as the mother ship equivalent of Space Police I in 1989. The front of the ship opens to reveal a small buggy, meaning the interior is relatively small. Despite its size, it is surprisingly light. The interactive components add a wealth of possibilities for storytelling. The biggest set by far in the sub-theme, this model came with 478 pieces and 3 minifigures (2 SP1 Officers and a Blacktron), for the cost of $50 (approx. £26). Today you could expect to receives over £2,300 for it, total growth of 8890%, again annualised at 15%.

6955 LEGO Space Police Space Lock-up Isolation Base

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Along with the main base, this set includes a jail cell and a small ship. You can fit a single figure inside the cell, and you can attach the cell to the back of the ship for transportation. The design includes rare parts, such as trans-red and black panels, many trans-red antennas, a baseplate, and printed Space Police names on both sides of the cell, as well as a slope on top. All the control and arrow tiles are also printed, eliminating the need for stickers. The platform is secure and cannot fall too far forward or backward from the station. It’s a fun build, especially assembling the moving parts. This is

a great looking set with 253 pieces and 3 minifigures (2 SP1 Officers and a Blacktron), this model cost $26 (approx. £13) in 1989 and today is worth very close to £1,000, total growth of over 7200% and annualised growth of 14%

Theme Analysis

A nostalgic look back at a vintage sub-theme, and what a sub-theme it is. You would be one very, very happy person if in 1989 you had spent $134 (approx. £70 based on the then exchange rate) on buying all 6 sets in the first LEGO Space Police sub-theme, packed them all in a box and left them until now. If you had done, that £70 would be worth over £4,500 today, a 6500% increase which is how much 14% annualised growth is compounded for 30+ years!

Set Number Set Name RRP Current Value Total Growth Annualised Growth
6955-1 Space Lock-Up Isolation Base £13 £994 7279% 14%
6781-1 SP-Striker £15 £657 4429% 12%
6831-1 Message Decoder £2 £160 10193% 15%
6886-1 Galactic Peace Keeper £6 £185 2875% 11%
6895-1 Spy Trak 1 £8 £297 3721% 12%
6986-1 Mission Commander £26 £2329 8890% 15%