After a long day of work at Castle Investabrick, we love to unwind when we get home with a cup of tea and the latest content from our favourite LEGO YouTube channels.

The surge of LEGO® content creators on YouTube has been truly remarkable, with influencers garnering substantial followings and leaving an indelible mark on the global community of enthusiasts. With the official LEGO® channel amassing an astounding 21.5 billion views and over 17 million subscribers the popularity of LEGO® is at an all time high.

Join us as we kick back, enjoy some quality content, and celebrate the joy of all things LEGO®.


Brick Clicker | 58.1K Subscribers | 660 Videos

Brick Clicker stands as the ultimate destination for LEGO® enthusiasts seeking the latest LEGO® news and insights into upcoming LEGO® sets. The channel captivates its audience with an exciting mix of LEGO® leaks, upcoming sets, and engaging content on both YouTube and Instagram. Brick Clicker boasts an impressive community of 58.5K subscribers and a content-rich library featuring 661 videos. Since its inception on December 19, 2015, the channel has accumulated a remarkable 15,668,470 views, showcasing the widespread appeal of its content. As Brick Clicker continues to evolve, their dedication to providing the LEGO® community with exciting and informative content remains unwavering.

Brick Clicker also have a secondary channel called Clicker + which is home to shorter videos detailing rumours around individual LEGO® sets and themes. It can be found at @clicker_plus.

Bricksie | 406K Subscribers | 1.9K Videos

Meet Bricksie, aka Jordan, a passionate AFOL with a penchant for everything LEGO® This dynamic channel offers a diverse array of content, from Jordan’s city updates and custom builds to engaging VLOGS, set reviews, and live builds.

With a staggering 408K subscribers, Bricksie has cultivated a vibrant community eager to explore the world of LEGO®. The channel’s extensive library features an impressive 1,958 videos, and since joining the YouTube on October 11, 2015, Bricksie’s content has garnered an extraordinary 115,839,426 views. Bricksie can also be found on Instagram and TikTok as well.

Jangbricks | 1.37M Subscribers | 4.8K Videos

JANGBricks is an independent adult LEGO® enthusiast on a mission to share over a decade of unsponsored, content! With a genuine passion for LEGO®, JANGBricks is committed to providing a clean and safe environment for viewers and fans. This channel delivers not only fair and balanced information but also a delightful blend of entertainment.

Since joining YouTube on June 26, 2010, JANGBricks has amassed a staggering 1,124,042,278 views, showcasing the widespread appeal of their great LEGO® content.

Beyond the extensive YouTube channel with 1.37M subscribers and a vast library of over 4,800 videos, JANGBricks extends the LEGO® journey onto other platforms. Catch his exhilarating LEGO® live builds on Twitch, and explore the latest posts and stories on his Instagram account. You can also stay in the loop with the latest updates and insights by following their Twitter account.

Tiago Catarino | 500K Subscribers | 468 videos

Meet Tiago Catarino, a distinguished LEGO® YouTuber with a fascinating background as an official LEGO® designer. Tiago brings over a wealth of experience and insight from his professional career, and now dedicates his time to sharing a diverse range of brick-based new and reviews on his excellent YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication and the immense appreciation from a community of 503K subscribers. With a content-rich library comprising 473 videos, Tiago has created an engaging collection that has garnered an impressive 116,637,387 views since joining the platform on January 6, 2014.

Join the thriving community on Tiago Catarino’s channel as he continues to inspire and entertain LEGO® enthusiasts with his passion for creative building.

Brick Fanatics | 39.9K Subscribers | 470 Videos

Brick Fanatics is the go-to for LEGO® news, LEGO® reviews, and LEGO® builds. We love the eclectic mix of builds, interviews, news and advice that the folks at Brick Fanatics regularly deliver with their YouTube and Instagram content.

Brick Fanatics has a community of 40.1K subscribers and a library boasting 470 videos. Since their inception on May 15, 2018 they have amassed a staggering 16,177,932 views and will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Ashnflash | 260K Subscribers | 2.2K Videos

Discover the dynamic world of Ashflash’s LEGO® YouTube channel, where LEGO® passion meets engaging presentation. With an impressive community of 262K subscribers, their channel is more than just a collection of 2,231 videos; it’s also a treasure trove of creative LEGO® brilliance. As a seasoned content creator, Ashflash unveils the latest LEGO® sets, offers great ‘Top 10’ LEGO® sets videos, designs signature custom collectible minifigure (CMF) series, and offers engaging discussions on all things LEGO®.

Since joining the platform on February 28, 2017, the channel has become a go-to source for captivating set reveals, reviews, and original LEGO® designs, accumulating a remarkable 104,251,578 views.

Explore an extra dose of Ashnflash on their second channel, aptly named Ashnflash Xtra! The channel offers regular live streams featuring a variety of games. Dive into the gaming realm, and enjoy a collection of additional random videos that might not quite fit the theme of the main Ashnflash channel. Ashnflash Xtra is your go-to destination for a unique blend of entertainment beyond the bricks.

RacingBrick | 205K Subscribers | 558 Videos

RacingBrick is a great YouTube channel which is devoted to delivering the finest detailed LEGO® building reviews, comprehensive Power Functions / Powered Up tutorials, and an array of intriguing LEGO® related content.

With a thriving community of 206K subscribers, RacingBrick is a go-to destination for enthusiasts seeking in-depth insights into LEGO® sets and innovative building techniques. Boasting an extensive library of 562 videos, the channel is a great resource for LEGO® enthusiasts looking to elevate their building skills. Since joining the YouTube platform on July 4, 2016, RacingBrick has accumulated an impressive 67,603,769 views, showcasing the widespread appeal of their content. You can also explore their high-quality digital building instructions and more on their website: https://racingbrick.com.

Join the RacingBrick community on this engaging journey where LEGO® building becomes an art form.

Beyond the Brick | 1.4M Subscribers | 3.7K Videos

Beyond the Brick, the world’s largest LEGO® fan community that has been captivating audiences since its inception in November 2011 was founded by Joshua Hanlon initially as an audio-only podcast, has now evolved into a global sensation, traveling the world to showcase the extraordinary talent of LEGO® builders and their incredible creations.

Boasting a massive community of 1.4M subscribers and a library featuring over 3,740 videos, Beyond the Brick has become synonymous with amazing custom LEGO® builds and a celebration of the LEGO® community’s creativity. With an impressive 606,995,078 views and more than 7 million followers across various platforms, Beyond the Brick stands as a beacon of inspiration for LEGO® enthusiasts worldwide. Join us in exploring the endless wonders of the LEGO® universe with Beyond the Brick.

Solid Brix Studios | 591K Subscribers | 1K Videos

Welcome to Solid Brix Studios, where the world of LEGO® comes to life in a unique and captivating way.

Dedicated to building, collecting, and reviewing LEGO®, this channel curated by David Hall, also known as Solid Brix Studios, goes beyond the ordinary. Reinventing the LEGO® YouTube community, David introduces a weekly series showcasing the construction of massive LEGO® dioramas, proving that LEGO® isn’t just for kids. With a substantial following of 593K subscribers, Solid Brix Studios has become a go-to destination for LEGO® enthusiasts seeking both inspiration and an in-depth look at intricate builds.

The channel’s extensive library of 1,028 videos is a testament to the creativity and passion behind Solid Brix Studios. Since joining the YouTube platform on July 30, 2008, the channel has amassed an impressive 186,333,370 views.

Brick Experiment Channel | 3.27M Subscribers | 78 Videos

The Brick Experiment Channel (BEC) is a YouTube channel dedicated to the art of building and experimenting with LEGO® Technic bricks. Led by a Finnish enthusiast with a passion for physics, engineering, and visual arts BEC transcends traditional LEGO® builds by incorporating diverse materials, including electronics, to create awe-inspiring contraptions such as climbing machines, submarines, hoists, gearboxes, wheel spinners, and even a drone.

With a vast community of 3.28M subscribers, BEC has become a hub for LEGO® enthusiasts seeking a fusion of creativity, engineering, and innovative building. With 78 videos and an astounding 947,463,653 views, BEC stands as a testament to the captivating marriage of science and creativity within the LEGO® universe.